Ohno & Sho: Who had a better view of the fireworks? And more...

What was the most recent activity you had that made you say "Aaaah! I feel rejuvenated!"?

Sho: Just the other day, I went to a fireworks convention. There was a time when I went to Osaka for the Tenjin Festival. Ohno and I bumped into each other! I think since then, I wasn't able to watch any fireworks display anymore. Well, it wasn't a a complete rejuvenation either but I watched the fireworks display from a friend's house.

Ohno: I saw it too you know! It was right in front of the aqua line while I was on my way home (from fishing).

Sho: Really? But I was in an apartment near the place where they were launching those fireworks. So I think I had a more direct view of it.

Ohno: No! I was so close that it was already absolutely hard to look at. I also had a lot of fish to take home so I think I was luckier that time!

Sho: No, no... I was eating steak then while watching so I think I was in a better position.

Ohno: I was also eating the fish I got. My stomach was full too!

Sho: Damn it! I can't compete with that!

Ohno: That day, I was the happiest man alive.

Sho: Of course, you went fishing, then you ate the fish you got, plus you watched the fireworks. Definitely a whole day of rejuvenation.

Ohno: Right? And I was also under the sun so I literally got recharged.

Sho: Of course, doing the things you really like with the people who are close to you is fun. Just the other day, together with some friends... 6-7 people all in all... We went to eat barbecue and then went to a karaoke bar afterwards. After the karaoke, we went to a soba restaurant. Those aren't special things but it was really fun!

Ohno: Definitely! I can't have fun by going fishing alone!

Sho: Yeah, imagine going by boat alone, then start fishing alone, eat the fish alone... That ain't rejuvenation, right?! That's survival...

Is it true that what keeps you going is the energy that you get from the fans?

Sho: Of course! We experience the extreme during concerts. Isn't it overwhelming? When the audience's energy level falls, that moment, our energy level drops too.

Ohno: That's the most "This is it!" moment. I think Arashi and all the fans feel the same sensations.

Sho: While the fans are getting excited, we are also getting excited. During rehearsals, when I pretend that the fans are already in front of me, I feel my excitement shooting up! But other than that, even those that don't come from fans make me happy... Like people I meet along the street who say "I saw Himitsu no Arashichan! Sakuraikun, please do your best!"... I feel happy.

Ohno: O! I also have one... Someone said "Riida, are you okay?"

Sho: For them to say that, it means they're watching our shows. That's why I'm so happy. I'm happy with the fact that people know my name. Before, was it in Osaka? Someone said "Hey, hey... You... Who are you?". When I remember that time, I realize how wonderful it is for people to know stuff starting from our names down to the details of our shows. (Trust me, Sho... you'd be a hundred times more surprised once you get to know your fangirls! They know you better than you know yourself. ^^,)

Ohno: The other day, I was mistaken as you Sho. There was this drunk man who came to me and said "Oh! Yattaman!"

Sho: Arashi = Yattaman, that sort of thing right? I also wanted someone to come up to me and say "I watched Maou.". I'll reply "Thank you very much, I'll let him know." (Let Ohno know). But it isn't about the volume of the cheers... It's about the fact that people know that we exist and that people watch our shows (again you'll be surprised once you find out how many gaijins/foreigners watch your shows!) That's what encourages us more.

Anyway, was there something that happened just recently that gave you power?

Sho: When I bought an electric fan. It was great. I had a very pleasant sleep. It's refreshing, yeah, but more than that I love the sound that it makes... It's nostalgic. It reminds me of my grandparents' house. Shall I give you an electric fan on your birthday.

Ohno: No, I'm fine. It's already winter on my birthday. Me, I'm planning to draw a huge painting. I bought a huge board.

Sho: O! It's been a long time isn't it? What are you planning to do now?

Ohno: I wanna make it detailed. (Fine)

Sho: You're a Do-M right?

Ohno: I've always thought of myself as an M (Masochist). Recently though, I thought "Am I not a Do-S (Sadist)?". Coz I punish myself. I punish myself but I can't tolerate it either. So I'm an SM then?!

Sho: The one and only SM! That's Ohno's power right now.


*End note: I loved how Sho answered this interview.
It just shows how deep and intelligent he is. Plus all the words that come out from his mouth are sensible.
Ohno and Sho's fight was funny. I loved it.

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