Wink Up - October 2009 - Translation

Before diving in, I wanna apologize in advance for whatever mistakes I made in translating the article. But I wanna assure everyone who's reading this, I gave it my 150%.

Winkup, and I think all the major JE-featuring magazines have decided to feature the decade old but still very hot Jpop group Arashi -- and I have decided to translate some of them. Translating all is a far cry from reality but I'll try to do that.

Scans: Caramelbox (through arashixdream)

Translations are done by me.

Oh-chan's "10th Anniversary Solo Scene"
Today’s pictorial will be held downtown and we’re going on a “yakatabune” boat ride.

Whenever I see a yakatabune, I remember Arashi’s “Pikanchi” days. **screencaps of that scene are provided below, after this part's translation**

It was only our 3rd year as Arashi then. It’s been 6 years! Wow!

We had the chance to get on a yakatabune just once coz everything from that (Pikanchi) scene was shot inside the studio. We only went on location for the dive scene.

For that scene, we rode a boat to the yakatabune and when we got to it, we only went as far as the pleasure boat's edge.

Now, finally after 6 years, I could go on a real yakatabune ride.

It’s been 6 years… But it feels like it went by so fast!

I think it’s amazing how that memory connects to this (yakatabune pictorial) chance given to me.

The very first article about me was done by Winkup. I can still remember that moment.

They made me sport a hairstyle that I’ve never tried before, they put make up on my jawline, they put my sweater on for me, and the stylist parted my hair with his/her hands.
After that, when I went to school, a girl classmate had a Winkup magazine with her. So when she saw me she said “I saw you!”. I’ve been exposed!

But there was a time when I didn’t appear in anything at all. I stayed in Kyouto for about 3 months to do “Kyo to Kyo”. Then there were also times that I didn’t have work. So when the next issue that featured me came up, they wrote something like “An appearance after a long time”.

But you know, ever since I became a part of Arashi, I’ve been featured every month! So every time I think about that, 10 years is an amazingly long span of time. (10 years, every month – that makes 120 issues with him + his pre-debut issues… amazing!)

In those 10 years, what things did I gain? What did I lose?

I think I lost the traits of being a Type A. Err… I’m getting rid of it. I was a type A when I started. I used to be a worrywart and I used to have a lot of insecurities.

I used to do things in a pretty steady pace and I also wanted everything to be clean and in perfect order. I think I’ve lost that!

Since when did I change huh?

I have no idea.

Maybe the transformation was brought about by experience, I’ve learned to be more confident about myself, and my way of thinking changed, didn’t it?

I, myself, realized that I changed a lot. When I think about how I was in the past, I’d ask myself “Why were you such a worry wart?! Why were you so insecure?”. Stupid, isn’t it? I think to myself.

That’s why I learned to relax more and be a little carefree. Well, I seem to have lost that Type A trait.About the thing that I gained… Didn’t I gain by losing that trait?

With regards to meeting people, I’ve met a lot of people in this world that I’m in.

I have been doing this job for 10 years already and in that span of time, I had the chance to do different things and meet a lot of people.

They were great encounters, nonetheless.

I’ve thought a lot about that, especially the most recent ones.

Like for example, I've had the chance to meet people such as the staff from my art exhibit, those from the stage plays and dramas I acted in… Until now, we go out and drink together.

It wasn’t just that. I think I also changed in that aspect.

Back in the old days, I didn’t get to know that much people.

It was a pretty rare occasion for me to go out and have fun with people from the business (same field of work). That’s because I didn’t want to.

Now, I realized how fun it is to do that. I’m taking everything with pleasure.

Every time I hear these people say “Let’s hang out again!”, I feel happy.

I feel very blessed to have found people who remained as my drinking buddies even after our work together has been over.

Yeah, those 10 years were great! The past 2-3 years passed by like a blur.

We’ll be celebrating our 10th year starting this August and all 5 of us will be continuing our nationwide tour until January next year (our 11th year). I’m looking forward to that! As we face our 11th year we’ll have a whole new bunch of memories.

What are my goals for our 11th year?

That would be… for me to relax more! I want to go simple. I wouldn’t make too much noise, that’s no good. I want to mellow down, and I’m going simple! I think that’d be the best thing to do.

- The End -

Here are the screencaps of that Pikanchi yakatabune scene Oh-chan was talking about (and more):

Here's how a yakatabune looks like. In Pikanchi, they all agreed that they'd never ride one coz they hated how the 'salary men' and 'office ladies' turn into some crazy lunatics once they get on the 'pleasure boat'.
And the 'oishii' (yummy) err... excuse me.. I meant the 'oshiri' (butt) display..
Here's the yakatabune at night

Here's Ohno's stockinged face, 6 years ago. Apparently, the scene inside the boat was taken in a studio. So this was taken inside the studio.
And the dive scene he was talking about. U-huh, they rode the yakatabune just to dive into the water. ^^, Thanks for reading! If you find something worth re-posting, quoting some parts is fine (please remember to link back) but please please please don't re-post the whole article. If you want to share this in a community or somewhere else, please provide this post's link instead. ^^,
Oh, and the watermark-free scans in better quality can be found here. I put the "Preview" watermark and resized the scans because they aren't mine. (And this is what I'm going to do with the rest of the articles that I'll be translating)

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