Nino: No more magic?

Lately, what made you say "Aaa! I feel rejuvenated!"

I wonder what that would be... I think it's when I talk to people I like about the stuff I want. For example? Games... great right? When I talk to people who love games about games. That'd be amazing! Can someone get rejuvenated from that? You mean during the time when work gets tough and I need power? I sleep! That's the best form of rejuvenation right? During those times, I'll just tire myself more if I met up with people. I'm not really a massage or an onsen type of person.

What did you do recently that made you happy?

I wonder what would it be... I really wonder... (Asks the people who were around. Then a staff says something about an interesting thing she/he saw on TV)... That! That's what's called happiness! Happiness can be found there. It makes you say "Tomorrow, I'll do my best!"... Huh? Me?! You meant me? What makes me happy? If you ask me... games! Again! A conversation about games. There ain't no other choice. Right now, you have no other choice. But, you know, when I play games, I have lots of fun. It makes me think "I'll do my best tomorrow!". You know... Oh! Wait! I just became a ranger! (Referring to his character in the game). Right now, when I get past a very difficult part in this game, I become really happy! I go like "Yosha!" or "Yatta!". Look! (Points to the game console's screen) Even though I'm fully equipped, once I enter a new stage, I go back to being weaponless and must start from that state again. From this point, I'll say "I'll do my best!" again. That sort of thing. To become what I want to be, this is the price I've got to pay. It's severe... Even in the world of games. Yes, yes... It's true. It's also difficult.

Can you share with us some stuff about your live concerts?

That's the time when we directly feel the love given to us by our fans through their voices. That's our source of rejuvenation. What do you call this... That's why we also want the audience to feel the same. We want them to feel rejuvenated to their heart's content. Arashi will rejuvenate them. I love concerts that make everyone say "Tomorrow, let's do our best!" and concerts that make people think "I'm glad that I went!". It's a great concert if that's the case. We aren't doing live performances to be 'heard', we do it to be 'seen'. Enjoying it with everyone makes the excitement rise! That's the best way to do it, right? It takes months to make that (image) possible. The power of the audience is amazing! And I'd like to give that love back. I also want you to love me more.


**First thing that comes to mind: Games?! Again? But... Nino's a very intelligent person. I'd interpret his interview as this:
He was comparing himself to his character. Arashi's 10th year would be a new level for them. I think, I hope Nino thinks the same, it's important to treat a new level like you've started anew. Challenge yourself and be that person you want to be (Even though you've already become that person that you wanted to be.) Life is about moving forward and challenging yourself to do your best everyday.

ニノ の とおり に。。。
明日 も がんばろう!!! **

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