Masami - Taking all of our boys away

scans of jun-masami mag pics:

First Nino, now Jun? lol. It's not that I'm hating her for those things but I'm hating her coz I'm envious... Yes!! I'm turning green with envy and jealousy...

Lemme see... I want to compile some Masami profile here... Know your friends.. but get to know your enemy better right?!

Name: Masami Nagasawa
Age: 21

Dramas I've heard of and seen with her in it
- Prodai - Opposite Yamapi
- Yasahii Jikan - Opposite Ninomiya Kazunari

Movies I've heard with her in it:
- The Last Princess - Opposite Matsumoto Jun

Not much profile of her on the net. But in 2007, she was included in the top 10 list of most influential people in Japan. She's the only girl in the list. The only other person I know who's on the list is Nakai Masahiro, SMAP's leader and host of Utaban.

What do I think of her?
I've only seen her in Yasashii Jikan. According to some rumors, she's going out with Ninomiya Kazunari, Yamapi... and I don't know who else but she's been linked to most of her co-stars in the dramas she's made.
The first time I saw her, I found her pretty. But upon learning that she was the Masami linked to Nino, my view of her was a little tainted. Sorry to some fans but that's how I am as a fan too. The only person I like being linked to an Arashi member is Inoue Mao. lol. So sorry for my narrow mind. But that's how it goes for me.
So basically, I don't like her... But maybe a few more dramas with her in it and I'll learn to like her.

I'm watching Proposal Dasakusen right now. Hmmm.. No wonder why a lot of people like the drama. It's good. Masami's so cute. How can I hate someone with that angelic face? I'm loving her.

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