Aiba's fangirl

I'm watching NHK on TV right now. err... Not actually watching. maybe listening is the correct word for it.

I was listening to the TV when I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and looked at who was on TV.. no not Arashi. Aiba's fangirl. ^_^

I could tell by her low and manly voice. She's the one who guested in Tensai Shimura and Arashi no Shukudai-kun.

Her guesting in AnS was so funny. It was here when she confessed her admiration for Aiba. One of the funny parts was when she apologized to Jun for not liking him that much anymore coz now, she's already in love with Aiba. She confessed that the moment when she fell in love with him was that time when she guested in Tensai. She was trying to ride the rhino but the rhino budged so she fell and Aiba caught her. Aaaaw.. Sweet. In this episode too, she almost raped Aiba! lol. She's tall and has a large body structure for a woman. She could easily pin Aiba down whenever she wants to.

Back to the NHK drama I'm watching. She's a boxer in the drama. They call her "The Giant". lolz. Coz she's really large. Not fat large, just really large. She's bigger than the members of Arashi.

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