Arashi's Worst


Okay so I'm a fan who knows how to laugh at her idols. My gosh Arashi, whatever entered your minds that you said yes to posing in front of a camera looking like this?! lol.

Before all the other fellow Arashi fans throw stones at me... I'd like to make my point first. No matter how weird, how ugly, how utterly embarrassing these boys look sometimes, I still love them. No matter how gay, how uncool, how boybandly cheap they look sometimes, I still love them and they're still perfect in my eyes.

I love them despite of their imperfections. ^_^

To Arashi's defense on this nomination, I think you haven't seen the worst of them yet. lol. Their clothes are rather normal here. They have achieved the retro look though.

O my gosh. It's just the album cover. I'll make some posts about their concert costumes. They are hilarious!!

Before I get stoned again... I do think their costumes are the worst costumes I've ever seen. But it doesn't really affect my perception of these boys. The fact that they look terribly funny wearing those big feathery costumes makes me love them more.

I don't love them for how they look (errr... let me rephrase that...) I don't love them because they look cool or they dress well... I love them for being Arashi. Even if they wore the cheapest clothes, I wouldn't mind.

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