How Does Truth Sound?

Truth by Arashi
*OST of "Maou" Starring Ohno Satoshi and Ikuta Toma*

Now, I'm listening to the radio rip of this song.

What can I say? How does it sound?

First, the melody is very un-Arashi. It doesn't sound like Arashi's song at all.

Second, the singers: the first time I heard this, I was like "I can bet against life that this is Arashi's". Ohno's voice is distinct *or I just know coz I've been like listening to their songs 24/7?*.

Third, the translation.. Haven't got there yet. ^_^ maybe later.

Did I like it? It was so-so. It had an anime-song feel to it. I think it could have been used for an anime too.

Was it fit for Maou? I don't know about the lyrics. But with the melody, actually it fit the opening. But I don't think the melody's fit for such drama. It was a little light for the drama. Like if I closed my eyes, I can still imagine soft flowing notes --> fit for the mystery but not for the evilness. I think growls would have been apprecited. lol. How bout some Aiba growl?! haha.

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