Arashi compatibility

I tried manipulating the results to see all the other member's compatibility information. lolz.

- Ohno -
You're most compatible with Ohno! You are content with simple things in life and understand that happiness is intrinsically generated. Ohno seems to prefer someone who is completely relaxed and free to live life with expression and honesty - with him, you get someone to grow old with.
*no wonder why I'm not compatible with this guy. I'm a worry wart. lolz. "Relaxed" isn't a word that would fit my description. But I do want to grow old with you Ohno! Even if you've grown old already.lolz. kidding!!*

- Aiba -
You're most compatible with Aiba! You know who you are and who you are is someone who isn't very fussy or high maintenance. Aiba seems to prefer someone who's enthusiastic about life and interested in experiencing it - with him, you get a partner in crime.
*okay so i'm not really compatible with him. I don't feel that enthusiastic about life sometimes. But I do love experiencing life's fun moments. I agree. Aiba and I aren't meant to be. ^_^*

- Nino -
You're most compatible with Nino! You understand that everything has a facade and a core - and you don't get hung up by taking everything at face value. Nino seems to prefer someone who doesn't want to dramatically change his life, sees the real deal, and still wants to stay - with him, you get a complex realist.
*I think fit Nino's preference. I don't want change. I think drastic change throws me off balance. But errr.. I'm not a realist, I guess.*

- Jun -
You're most compatible with MatsuJun! You are as human as can be and comfortable that way. MatsuJun seems to prefer someone who takes in everything around them and then seeks to take in more - with him, you get a sparring partner.
* Oh yeah! I really am not compatible with this guy. hehe. But I still love him.*

I guess I'm pretty happy with the results. I think Sho's a perfect mate for me. ^_^

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