Arashi Ranked by me - According to the following
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Who has the best looking face in Arashi? 
1 - Ohno Satoshi
- of course, coz I love this man to pieces. He does look feminine though. My sister has told me this over and over again. But I love the nose, it's perfect. I love the facial expressions. I just love everything that he makes with his face. ^_^

2 - Sakurai Sho
- I do see Gong Yoo in him. I think he's the most 'handsome' member of Arashi. As in he has the most masculine features.

3 - Matsumoto Jun
- I love his eyes and his lips but sometimes, he looks so thin that his cheek bones protrude too much. His face isn't perfect but that's the reason why I think he's cute.

4 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- My sister says that he's the cutest member, I agree too. But sometimes, there's something wrong with it. lol. I just don't know what but I do think he's cute.

5 - Aiba Masaki
- How the hell did he end up in number five?! There are times he shoots up to number one as the cutest member, sometimes he goes down to number five.

*i don't really know how to rank them according to face because they all look different. I mean there are no similarities when it comes to facial features so I'd say they're all my number one when it comes to their faces. I love them all!*

Who has the best body in Arashi?
*easy X)*
1 - Sakurai Sho
- Sho and Ohno are supposed to be tie at the number one spot but since I've loved Sho's body ever since, I think he deserves to be number one. His body is perfect the way it is right? Not too much muscles.
2 - Ohno Satoshi
- When I saw Ohno's new body, o man, I almost died of a massive heart attack. lol. I was actually stunned due to the fact that I have never thought he'd be able to pull something like that off. *talking about a shirtless pictorial where he only has a jacket on. and of course a pair of pants!*
3 - Aiba Masaki
- He's a bit skinny but he's tall so his body is like stretched vertically. lol. But his posture is good so I think his body is just right for him.
4 - Matsumoto Jun
- I like his arms, they are toned. But I don't think his waist is just! lol. It's so small. He could be easily mistaken as a girl! With those pretty hands, he could easily deceive the public if he wears a woman's clothes!
5 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- Nino, this is for not eating properly and regularly. I know Nino doesn't like to eat much. I wish he did! He even looks like he lost so much weight now. Plus he has a big posture problem. It really makes him look a whole lot thinner.

Best hair
1 - Aiba Masaki
- I think all the hairdos worn by Aiba were perfect for him. I loved them all. His hair makes him look good.
2 - Matsumoto Jun
- I don't like curly hair. But Jun can pull it off. He makes his hair look good.
3 - Ohno Satoshi
- Pre-Maou days, I loved his hair. I don't really like his hair now. He looks so ordinary.
4 - Sakurao Sho
- There's no problem with his hair, but it doesn't stand out.
5 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- This is for his perm in their Dream A Live album cover. Whoever thought of that hairdo has to apologize to Nino! lol

Best skin
1 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- I've seen a lot of close ups for this guy. His nose is so smooth. His skin looks so smooth and soft. Despite of smoking his skin still looks perfect!
2 - Aiba Masaki
- I have never seen his close up but I think he has great skin too.
3 - Sakura Sho
- I've seen some not-so-flawless videos of this hunk but lately, his skin looks so perfect.
4 - Ohno Satoshi
- Close ups don't do justice to Ohno's face. I though he had soft and smooth skin but I saw one picture of him and I realized his face was a little rough. ^_^
5 - Matsumoto Jun
- I dunno what happened to his face. But whatever happened to it, I don't mind and I don't care. He's still cute to my eyes.

Best smile
*gosh. I can't imagine their smiles*
1 - Matsumoto Jun
- coz he can melt a girl's heart just by smiling
2 - Ohno Satoshi
- it's priceless. I just love him so much, maybe that's why. When I see him smile, I feel like smiling too.
3 - Aiba Masaki
- coz his eyes smile when he does.
4 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- coz he has good teeth
5 - Sakurai Sho
- I don't know how he looks like when he smiles. lol

that's about it. haaaa... I have lots of fun doing these things. ^_^

here are my own categories:

Hosting skills:
1 - Sakurai Sho - after all, he's a news anchor. But aside from that, based on the few D no Arashi and Arashi no Shukudai-kun episodes I've watched I can say that Sho has exceptional hosting skills.
2 - Aiba Masaki - for hosting Tensai Shimura... Which, I think he does very well. And based on the few episodes where he hosts AnS segments, I think he's the next best host.
3 - Ninomiya Kazunari - Based on the few times he hosts AnS. Like what they say, Nino's quick wits makes him a good host. And I've seen him listen to their guests. He's pretty attentive when interviewing guests.
4 - Matsumoto Jun - I haven't seen him host a lot of shows, only AnS. But I think he's a bit shy as compared to Sho who has much confidence in his hosting skills.
5 - Ohno Satoshi - That's because most of the time, you won't even notice he's there. He rarely gives his own opinions and comments. But when he does, I fall off my seat and pound the floor for his freaking hilarious comments!

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