Time flies by

I was scanning through Arashi VOX and I thought that my fangirl time has passed by so fast. ^_^ May be because the members are really actively updating their journals and that Arashi's been really very active with a lot of things lately.

I remember the first time I found myself looking like a lost girl in the fandom that is Arashi. Since falling in love with Nino's "Niji" there have been a lot of new things already. I can't even remember the things that happened during the first few days of my fandom.

Here are the big things that happened to Arashi since the time I joined (not in any particular order):

- Ohno's Freestyle (the first new I heard about them which makes me think about the month I started liking these guys.)
- One Love - release
- Ohno's AU CM - purururu
- Hanadan Movie
- Arashi Marks Dream "A" Live
- Truth - release
- Ohno Satoshi's drama - "Maou"
- Sakurai Sho's movie - "The Yatterman"
- start of their new show "VS Arashi"
- Jun's date with Ooshima-san
- Arashi's new show "Himitsu no Arashi-chan"
- Sho's injury
- Nino's 25th bathday!

So far, these are all the big Arashi news I've heard since becoming a fan.

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