TVU vs Keyhole TV

I have tried using both.

Which do I think is better? Well, first of all I think there's still nothing that'd beat living in Japan and watching these stuff straight from your television set. If ever FujiTV or TBS are free TV, then there's really nothing else that could beat watching it straight from your TV.

First software I heard of was Keyhole TV.
- light - sure, I don't know how big the file is but it's really light.
- easy to install - there are no extraordinary requirements like updated media player or something.
- friendly user interface - there are not much on it. the first time you run it, you'll know what to do.
- the viewing window can be opened on a new window and can be resized.
- lag
- nothing but green screen sometimes
- not very clear picture quality most of the time.
- limited number of channels offered

- has quite a number of channels offered
- good picture quality
- viewing window can be resized

- hogs all the bandwidth!
- requires windows mediaplayer 9+

Both make use of the P2P technology (or what we call Peer to Peer). So I think it works like how torrents work - the more, the merrier. I really don't know how it works technically but I imagine the system to be dependent on the number of users accessing and sharing a file. Sorry, not so techie here. I'll research more about it later.

For the meantime, which do I like better? TVU.

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