D no Arashi - Episode 25 - Arashi Wheelchair Basket/ A no Arashi Chameleon

Wheelchair basket:
I just watched something like this on Teen Nick this afternoon.
These people are amazing. It's wonderful how people find a way to make themselves feel normal despite of being differently abled. It takes so much courage to be able to do stuff that you think won't be possible considering your state.
In this episode, they featured differently abled persons who, despite of losing the ability to walk and run, have still found a way to experience the pleasure of basketball.
Even in wheelchairs, they beat Arashi big time! lol.

Aiba's chameleon:
Nino and Ohno were afraid of the chameleon and the crickets!! lol Funny duo. Ohno was obviously afraid. But Nino tried to conceal his fear by looking kakkoii. lol. Jun on the other hand isn't afraid of the chameleon at all. aaaw.. Jun! You make my heart sing! Ohno, Nino, don't you guys worry... I'll protect you from the chameleon. But I'm also afraid. lol.

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