Johnny's "No picture of my talents" rule

I really don't get it now that I'm thinking about it. I mean wouldn't it be good that his talents get some publicity?

I think it's just for the web right? But Johnny should consider putting some stuff on the net as teasers for his talents. Just a few, maybe a couple of official photos won't hurt right? Or are there official photos allowed by Johnny on the web? I really don't know.

Was browsing through some vox journals and I saw this picture taken at the presscon of Jun's movie "Hana Yori Dango". The picture was edited and Jun was cut out. It would have been a wonderful photo with him in it. But why did they have to cut Jun off the picture?

I think I know why... it's just an idea that popped up in my mind after seeing the magazine page my friend brought home.

I don't know if the magazines Wink-Up, Popolo, Myojo, and some more that I can't remember, are part of Johnny's company or if the magazines have paid Johnny for his artist's faces and bodies... or images. Whatever.

I get the logic. So if Johnny owns those magazines, of course he wouldn't want his products to be readily available online. Especially images. But I think there's no stopping crazed fans from drooling and infecting others to drool some more at these boys' images.

If in case Johnny was paid by these magazines, I think he has all the reasons to omit his boys' images from pictures that can be easily spread through the net. If there's money involved, there's a contract involved too right? Going against the rules would be the last thing on Johnny's mind unless he wants a lawsuit.

Another reason I have in mind is that something that's rare is treasured right? So these guys' faces that are most of the time cut off from pictures uploaded to the web is Johnny's way of promoting them...

Just thoughts I had today. lol.

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