Which Arashi member am I most compatible with?

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Which member of Arashi are you most compatible with?
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You scored as Sakurai Sho

You're most compatible with Sho! You have a good head on your shoulders and have a broad outlook on life. Sho seems to prefer someone who is able to perceive the world and take it in stride - with him, you get a traveling companion.

Results based on a 2006 translated interview about ideal marriages - therefore, you may want to take everything with a grain of salt. ;)

Sakurai Sho


Ohno Satoshi


Aiba Masaki


Ninomiya Kazunari


Matsumoto Jun


Opinion on the results:
- Sho - This is the second quiz I've taken with Sho as the person I'm most compatible with. I dun mind coz I love them all. And yes, I love to travel!! Traveling with the person I love -- yeah!! yeah!! yeah!!
- Ohno - O my gosh yes!! I do think we have the same traits. I think the quiz was based on similarities rather than compatibility.
- Aiba - Yes please!! I want some Aiba love! lol
- Nino - How come my ichiban's 4th?!
- Jun - Oh his royal hotness came last. I think if based on similarities, Nino and Jun would probably be last.

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