Ohno's Scandal

This is what I get for roaming around blogs! lol.

Heartache! lol.

I have recently heard of the news in crunchyroll.

For the complete story, click here --> http://ozarashi.vox.com/library/post/oh-chan-kimika.html

So here's my take on this.

*I'm a bit possessive* Actually I really have mixed reactions towards this news. I think as a fan the right thing to do is feel happy and be supportive right? But I really don't know how to feel right now.

The first time I saw the picture, I was rather emotion-less. But if I were normal that time, my heart would have exploded! lol. So I really didn't care that much about the picture. I sorta felt that it isn't true. And I thought there's nothing going on between the two.

I don't really know if there are rumors about Ohno's sexuality. I just knew about it through the link above. I never actually thought that people would actually think that Ohno's gay for real. I didn't even, for once, think that he is.

As sick as it may sound, I really think Ohno looks best with Nino! lol. I think seeing Ohno with a guy makes me feel secure. haha. Coz he's with a guy right? So I don't really mind if he's kissing that guy coz I know he's not gay and that they're just fooling around. Seeing him kiss another woman, that's a different case.

I just don't want Ohno to date someone right now. There'll come a time when he's free to date anyone he likes. But as for now, I'd rather flail and squeel for someone who's not yet taken. ^_^

I know they're just human and that they need to be with someone eventually. But as I've said... "eventually"...

I didn't care to scroll down the page. I was thinking that the rest was just about the girl... but when i read about the vox entry somewhere else, they mentioned that it had some pics on Aiba and Nino's scandal.

So I scrolled down.. then baaam!! that horrendous Nino-kissing-a-girl picture knocks me off my seat. bleh.. gaaaah.. yuck... iiiw... ughhh... little disappointed here. But no matter what, Arashi's still Arashi. No matter how many pictures come out with them kissing someone, I don't mind at all.

Aiba's.. I 've seen that picture some time ago already. It already did its damage. I got a little sidetracked. Seeing Aiba like that made me like him a bit late. But now that I've learned to love these guys including all their flaws, the picture's not a biggie anymore.

My take on this:
They are men. Them doing men stuff isn't at all bad. I'm in the mood to think of this thing positively. So I don't care!! They can go for a kissing spree for all they want. I'd prob'ly more bothered if not one of them gets involved in this.

Second, they are celebtrities. Somehow, the word 'normal' doesn't apply to them. That's why these kinds of stuff that are supposed to be normal for others is being blown out of proportions when it involves them.

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