Meguro to Arashi no D no Arashi

What can I say?

I can't tell whether their laughter were offensive or not. I'm a fan so I might be biased.

There were about 3-4 episodes (not sure) where they guested a 260-kg Japanese boy in "D no Arashi". I've seen the episodes and Meguro was mostly with Jun and Ohno. They went to theme parks, to a bar, and to a public swimming pool with a slide. Most scenes were funny coz Meguro's really big.

Some scenes I remember.

Theme park:
- rides on theme parks have weight restrictions right? So as height restrictions etc etc... But Meguro was lucky coz he was allowed to ride some. So Ohno and Jun would sit beside Meguro on the rides. The rides were similar to "Anchors Away" (which I haven't tired yet). There are saftey bars on these rides. You pull them down to your tummy so that you won't fall off or fly away. lol. Poor thing can't make the saftey bar lock coz his tummy's too big. I was scared for Ohno and Jun who were beside him coz the safety bar's unlocked.
- When he decided to try the rollercoaster, he was allowed to do so... I think he passed the weight limit. But when he tried riding the thing, he can't lock the safety bar again. Abunai!! He might fall off. The two-seater became a one-seater when he tried riding. I got sad when he was like "dame.. I don't fit..". I think Ohno and Jun were sad too.

Swimming pool:
- Juntoshi went sliding down the big slide together. They were in an inflatable "sled" thingy and shouted their way down the slide.
- The people there tried to put Meguro on that sled thingy but I don't know what happened. He ended up sliding down with his bare body. Ouch. On curves he looked like he's going to fly off lol. But thank goodness, he reached Jun and Ohno in one piece.

- Jun and Ohno made Meguro over. They bought a cap, bandana, shirt, and pants and made Meguro look like a master rapper!! lol. Hiphop all the way Meguro-chan!! lol.

My take on this:
There were moments I can't decide if Ohno's laughter was insulting or something. Jun always laughs like that right? But I hardly hear Ohno laugh as hard. So when they were in that ride that looked like anchor's away, Ohno's laughter was very loud. I can't tell if it was because of the ride or because of Meguro. *thinking that maybe, Ohno was so afraid of the ride that he concealed it by laughing*... I didn't see anything funny at all except for Meguro's "itai itai itai"...

Well, whatever... While laughing, Ohno looked like a child bullying a fat kid. Minus pogi points.

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