D no Arashi - Episode 27 - Mini clips of their past shows

Which clips were the best? Here are my choices too:

Tries to scooter his way up a slope
- these guys have infected Meguro with their Arashi humor!
- the scooter went "eeeeeeeeng eeeeeeng" up the slope. It was loud.
- Meguro's first helmet didn't fit. Called for a "helmetu chenju!" haha. Looked like tamago with 2nd helmet. But still cute!
- Meguro had to move sideways to be able to see through his side mirrors. lol. Coz all he sees is his side.
Boat ride:
- Nino: 52 kilos + Jun: 56 kilos + Ohno: 53 kilos = 161 kilos.
- Meguro, alone = 260 kilos. His weight is Arashi's total weight. He basically weighs 4-5 times a normal person. (is Arashi's weight normal?)
- Kowaii na! Abunai! If Meguro falls, will he be bale to swim? Abunai! Abunai! Abunai!

I think it was a year end special since they pretty much summed up 2003's episodes.

Loved Meguro's episodes. Well, it wasn't as meaningful and as deep as the other episodes like Nino's drug dependents episode, Jun's young mom episode, Sho's bed wet episode. Maybe to some, this is true. But to me Meguro's episodes were the most meaningful ones.

The onscreen bond the guys formed with Meguro, especially Jun's, touched me deeply. I can feel Meguro's difficulty when it comes to socializing. But Arashi, especially Jun again, somehow eased that pain by making him feel welcome and accepted. Even if it's just for the show, I was still touched by the actions of these guys.

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