A drama's end

Finally, I've managed to finish one drama... After Maou and Ryusei no Kizuna.

Uta no Oniisan's already finished. I loved everything about it that's why I'm a bit sad that it has ended. I think 8 episodes is a bit short. Don't you think? Was it really their final episode?

It's really sad to see a drama end. You know. It's like every week you see Kenta Yano... and all of a sudden, his life is resolved and he disappears. lol.

Now, can someone give us somethin to look forward to every week?! Somebody! Please! lol.

Since it's over, here's my take on the drama:
First, Uta no Oniisan put Ohno in his element. Makin' people laugh is something that he can do really well. I don't want him to be typcasted or anything but I hope he'd have more roles somewhat similar to Kenta Yano... Fans could hate me for this but I loved Kenta more than Naruse. Anyway, that's just me. That's just my opinion.

On to the drama...
As a fan, hearing that Ohno's gonna be doin' a drama made me look forward to it regardless of what it was... Drama? Comedy? Whatever... I'll watch just for the sake of seeing his face every week. But that doesn't mean I'll watch from beginning to end.

Every drama has its bait you know. Which is almost all of the time, the leadstar. And in this drama, they made use of Ohno Satoshi from Arashi and Maruyama Ryuhei of Kanjani8. I'd be damned if these two couldn't gather enough people to watch.

But no matter who they put in there... It all boils down to the story. Like, I always look for something fun to watch. I have unfinished Arashi dramas too so I think it's not just about the people in that show. The drama has to have a story or somethin' else other than the faces. Bottom line's that, for a drama to have a following, it should be interesting enough!

The drama alltogether was great. It got me watching from beginning to end. And it had moments. I didn't go crazy for each episode but there were moments in every episode that killed me.

Like when Sho visited to promote his movie 'Yatterman'. That was a killer! And of course the story too had moments like Kenta finally being passionate about his work. Transitions are always fun to watch. What happens in between the time Kenta hated his job and the time he felt passionate about it.... Those were killers.... But we could see that kind of plot anywhere can't we?

Overall, I liked the story. Partly because Ohno was in it. And Ohno was Kenta Yano. If it wasn't Ohno in those light blue pants, it wouldn't have been the same, I think.... But at least, the story had me hooked on to watching it til the end.

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