I'm listening to it right now. ^^, I'm so happy. Coz I'm gonna be listening to this til my ears bleed! Seriously! I love Arashi! I really love them. It's already one year, yet I still love them. So really, hands down to those who've been in the fandom for as long as Arashi ever existed. Anyway, it's not really hard to do something that you love right?

Once I have more time, I'm going to give my own interpretation/translation of the songs in the CD. ^^,

And it's only now that I learned (since I haven't gone past this blog, my email, and my youtube account as far as the internet is concerned) that ”曇りのち、快晴” (Kumori nochi, Kaisei) was translated as "Hope" in the album. Quite close to "sunshine after the rain" lolz.

I'll probably get down on the translations this weekend. But I'm not really sure as I have just one rest day. And I have exams on Monday and Tuesday. Good luck! right!

Once more! 嵐 が 大好き に なった! 1年 まえ、 嵐は ぜんぜん 知らなかった。 本当は、 日本のアーチストで、だれも知らなかった! あ、 Jun しか知らなかった、と思う。 ここで、Gokusenは、たぶん2005年にテレビで見た。 そのドラマは見た。 それは一番めのここで見せる日本のドラマですから。 

That's my Nihongo practice for today. It may not be perfect but it's the best I can come up with.lolz...

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