Just the start and I'm already busy

The past week has been ”いすがしい” (busy) and I felt so tired every time I reached home. My day starts earlier than before and I study almost the whole day. Even though my body's not tired it like goes along with my mind and gets tired together with it. My arms hurt coz of the heavy books... My tummy hurts coz of the irregular eating pattern...

Anyways, I still appreciate the busy life I have now coz it makes me look forward to seeing Arashi in the weekends... And I try as much as I could to at least get a glimpse of them whenever I have time...


O and one more important thing that my sensei told us. The tool to learning nihongo is "Memorizing"... Memorize vocabulary, memorize sentence patterns... Just memorize... I don't have a very good memory but I'll try. And I like what I'm learning so it's not really much of an effort on my part.

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