Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen

Date: 20081011
from: ArashiCB

I love this episode!

The first time I saw Daigo was in another, an earlier, episode of TSD. I know he looks good but of course, Aiba's better looking than him (in my eyes but in reality yeah he does look waaaaaaay better than our Aiba... but again, I'm a fan...).

Who is Daigo anyway?
Daigo is the lead singer of a 3-member band named BREAKERZ that made its way into the Japanese entertainment scene in 2007.

Anyhoo, in this episode, Aiba and the others went to a water-side animal zoo (I don't know where). When they arrived, Daigo was already there. Remembering the episode where I saw Daigo, he was tasked to care for a little penguin named PENPEN . So in this episode, Aiba and Daigo (actually the other guy host also, gomennasai! I'm so bad with names!!) fed the penguins, beavers, and the sealion.
soooo... I'm like that ne? Every time I find something or someone interesting, I search the whole of cyberspace (errr... make that LiveJournal) and here's a number of posts about Diago's blog entries abut Pen-pen... He's so sweet! How could this Daigo who's so in love with cute chubby little Pen-pen be the same Daigo rockstar?
- Post 1
- Post 2
- Post 3

At the end, Daigo sang (with his o so wonderful husky voice. I love it.) to PENPEN... I didn't understand everything but it's saying like "I'll take care of you, forever..." which was a little moving for me especially because together with the song was a VTR of PENPEN as a little penguin with Daigo.

Yappari, even rockstars become soft when they're around cute fluffy animals.

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