Funny Arashi

From D no Arashi
Title: Udan Udan Special
uploaded @ Youtube
by: sallychew89


Ohno is really funny most of the time. I liked the hypnotism part of the episode. I was covering my face while watching it coz I was the one who felt embarrassed by Ohno's actions. Aiba's too. They were funny riding along with the guy. (If they were)

I found MatsuJun's part funny too.
Sensei: I'm going to press your thumb. And once I do, you're not going to say anything other than "I like it". (Looks at other Arashi members) Ask him whatever.
Nino: Ask him something he doesn't like. Ask him if it's okay for him to work for free. (This got me laughing.
Sensei: Do you like to work for free?
JUN: KIRAI JANAI. (I don't hate it) (haha. Good one Jun! Still fighting it huh?)

And Nino's part was also interesting because he wasn't affected by any of Sensei's actions. He wasn't hypnotized at all. lol.

I'm curious about the Italian Canon. I wonder what that is. I just found Aiba and Riida funny doing it.

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