Tokyo Friends Park 2 - RnK Special

I just watched part two of the TFP2 episode where they had the major cast of RnK.

Actually the reason why I wanted to write about this is because I just noticed a little something about our dear Ninomiya Kazunari.

I don't know Nino personally so I don't really know if my opinions about him are true. Like what? I think Nino's a very competitive person. And he's the type of person who hates losing. Plus he likes to lead.

In the RnK special of TFP2, I saw a different side of Nino. He apologizes every time he misses and cheers for his team mates.

Quite different from the Nino I see when he's with Arashi. He usually doesn't say sorry and is a bit arrogant every time he does good in something. (Don't get me wrong. But the arrogance I'm referring to is something that isn't irritating. In fact, I love his cocky attitude when he wins in something.)

As I've said, I don't know him personally so I don't know if my perception of him is true. That's just how I see him. Anyway, I love Nino no matter what, who, how he is. ^^,

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