A rundown: How is Truth doing?

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It's actually good news for all of us. Despite of the slight bump on the road, it looks like Arashi's back on track. Yappari, there's nothing that could ever pull these guys down. Even the nastiest news won't be able to make them hit rock bottom.

Not now, not ever, not while they have their fangrils!! Ne?!!

I'm so happy for them. I hope this makes them feel better. Actually they deserve this, for working so hard, and for taking every blow without violently fighting back. After all, the people in the fandom did much of the fighting back for them.


Though one of the saddest things that ever happened, I think Ohno's scandal was one of the times when I realized how fangirls aren't just half-brained girls squealing and screaming for their guys. We aren't just that.

We aren't just here to scream, and flail, and die due to massive droolage and heart attack. I think the main role of fangirls is to SUPPORT like what most of us did while Ohno was battling his own storm.

Arashi-chan!! Ganbare!! I'll be here to support you, itsumademo!!

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