Arashi vs. HSJ

Atarashi addiction, hajimaruyo!!

I think I'm gonna be addicted to yet another band.

HEY Say Jump!!

This is what I've been afraid of. Another addiction!!

Arashi's more than a handful already. A new addiction is suicide. It means I have to split the time, which I don't really have, to feed my addiction.

But I'm reserving all my fantasizing for Arashi. Little Chinen's too young to be the object of my fantacies. He's like a little brother...

Maybe if he steps into his 20s... Man, he's so cute now, I can't imagine how gorgeous he'll be by that time!!

Ohno's birthday: November 26
Chinen's birthday: November 30
so close. Maybe they can celebrate their birthdays together.

But no, Ohmiya SK will always be my number 1 pairing. Zutto, itsumademo, always, forever.

original post dated August '08
edit dated January '09
I didn't get addicted to the minis. But I was addicted to another band -- KAT-TUN. But it was also a short-lived addiction. Because I came running with arms wide open back to my original addiction - Arashi. (every now and then I check up on KAT-TUN though... but I only go as far as 'checking up' and I don't go into details.)

And it seems that I've learned to like all of Johnny's talents.

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