Problem signing in to Clubbox

After trying several times to register to club box here at home, I just gave up.

But I thought I could try creating an account somewhere else..

Now I already have one.

Problems encountered on my computer:
- There's always an internal server error when I click on the "submit button". I tried following each of the steps provided in tutorials. I tried looking for several tutorials but all of them where pretty much the same.

My hunch:
- I'm using xp sp1 on my computer. The computer I used to register with was using xp sp2. I don't know if the problem lies there but I think it has something to do with my version of internet explorer too. But they're both IE v.6 .. hmmm.. makes me think more.
- I also think the one I used uses a different ISP so that could be another thing.

I don't know. It's just that if you're trying to register to clubbox and after how many attempts, you're still failing to get past the registration page.. try another computer. That's the only solution I know and have proven to work.

I now have my clubbox. yipee!!

Now to hunt for Arashi only clubboxes....

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