Random Arashi # 2

I'm so happy being a fangirl. This is the first time that I've really taken interest in something and kept at it for quite a while. Though it's true that I get addicted to stuff immediately, I can't really hold on to them for a long time.

I think I've fallen in love not just with Arashi but I've also fallen in love with the fandom. Tanoshii desu. It's fun.

Amazing too. I can't help but get amazed at what the fandom has brought about.

Formerly strangers, now friends, linked by just one group -- Arashi. I'm so happy to have found people whom I can talk to about my thoughts and feelings regarding the group (at first) and then as with normal friendships, the relationship grows deeper and the conversations become more serious and cover more topics (not Arashi related).

I get inspired by how some fans do some wonderful things like graphics, most especially. Whenever I roam around blogs, I see some wonderful graphics that I can't help but admire. Think banners, avatars, wallies, icons...
Piano and vocal renditions of Arashi songs -- great.
Hand drawn stuff
how can I forget?! -- FANFICS -- I'm a fan of a few fanfic writers out there... I enjoy reading their stuff.

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