Ohno does Arashi

I love this love this love this so much!!!!

Ohno impersonates the 4 guys.

Credits to the uploader! vanguardde

Riida's impersonation of:

Aiba - I loved the way he ended it. ^_^ the one when he faces the camera and looks so ooo... smexy!!

Nino - the best! I can tell how much he watches Nino perform! haha. coz he definitely can do the "Nino move"... O my gosh!! I can see Nino in him if not only for his hair. But the wriggling, it's so Nino. I can also feel how much he likes what he's doing...

Sho - Liked the clap and the gesture to the audience like he's "Sakurai's in the house yo!!" and the cane movements, amazingly funny!!!

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