Arashi's 2007 Summer Concert

O so left behind. Last night, I got to watch the '07 concert of Arashi for the second time. Well, it was pretty much like how I watched or "listened" to it the first time.

I was busy doing something else so I just put it on and listened to it while taking a look every once in a while.

I saw the part where they were hanging on bungee cords. They were so happy like kids. What if one cord tripped and one of them fell? Lucky fans!! No amount of pain due to broken bones can ever distract me when Nino, Ohno, Jun, Aiba, or Sho falls on top of me. lol.

I just feel so happy watching them hook on to each other in mid-air. So Jun was the fifth wheel again... but I was thrilled to see Sho hooked on to Aiba. So sweet... Nino hooked on to Oh-chan...

Arashi is love... definitely!

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