Arashi All the Best 5x10 Clips (Review and some translation)

First, I was having problems with playing the DVD. It said something like "copyright protection"... I know I have an original copy. I bought it through CDJapan. Windows Media player doesn't want to play it. The versatile VLCplayer doesn't want to play it. Only POWERDVD played it. Whatever, I just wanted to play it.

I translated some parts and commented on some parts, which I decided to post here.

I don't keep a collection of their PVs. I have watched these videos before already but I don't keep a copy. I'm glad that I bought the clips collection coz at least now, I have a collection.

I'll start with Disc 2.
Kitto Daijoubu
- Ohno talks about the PV and how they managed to shoot a scene where Nino took off his hat/cap then threw it to Ohno then Ohno threw it back to Nino who managed to catch the cap with his head.
- This PV was so "flashy" or in Japanese "hade".

Aozora Pedaru
- Ohno talks about the moment he and Aiba almost accidentally kissed on the lips - the part where they both jumped onto the platform (I don't know what it's called but it's that platform they use to jump over during Physical ed class)(^_^)
- It feels warm inside, hearing this song coz I think this was the very first Arashi song I fell in love with. And in the PV, Sho's quite a heartbreaker huh. (^_^)

Love So Sweet
- This song is my alarm tone. I wake up everyday to this song. When I heard the intro, my heart jumped. (^w^) All I can say is that this video is so pretty. I like the colors, the way it was shot, the concept. I love everything. If I had to give it an award, I'll go with "Classiest PV". Jun talks about how meaningful the song is and how different it was coz there were other people who appeared in the PV.

We Can Make It
- Aiba talks about this PV... Well, I think this is an ordinary one. I didn't like it so much. Even when I watched it before, white background, lines and planes of colors... It wasn't that interesting. But I noticed how good Riida danced compared to everyone. Especially the last part. I didn't know that someone could do those steps in a manly manner -- which Riida perfectly executed. Man! That guy's amazing! He's really talented!

- I love how Ohno recalls the best details of their PV shootings. Like I think if I heard correctly, he was trying to recall the circumstances while they were doing the PV of "Happiness". Before he introduced the song, he put on the headphone and sang to "Kumori Nochi Kaisei" and says (funnily) "This ain't the song! This is my song!" (^_^)
I've said this many times already before but I'm gonna say it again -- my all time favorite Arashi PV would be "Happiness". I love it! The colors are so bright, the house where they shot the PV was amazing. The sunlight was wonderful. And it's baka baka Arashi. Like they weren't shooting a PV, they were just playing, goofing around! There were a lot of Ohmiya, Juntoshi, Aini, ShoxOhno... I really love it!

Step and Go
- There was a Juntoshi at the end of the talk! <3> "Kimi ha boku no subete sa" - You're my everything
> "Kimi ga ireba nanimo iranai" - I don't need anything else as long as you're with me.

- Ohno: "During this time I was really dark. It was when I started fishing. And everything looked so bright compared to me. I was really surprised that there was an orchestra. Then when the song started, it was like "jajan-jajan" and those in the orchestra did this (demonstrating a violinist dragging the bow downards), it was really cool! I was the only who didn't see it from the start. But when I finally watched it, I was really surprised. And in that orchestra, all the women had their legs like this (together, knees to the side) and only one person whose legs are spread this way (spreading his legs to demonstrate). I asked myself "Why is that person the only one with legs spread?" I was thinking about that all the time. We took the dancing scene several times. Aiba and Sho weren't in sync. So we had to stop a lot of times. The next day I still had to shoot for Maou. So I begged them! I was like "I'm begging you!" We had a lot of mistakes but when we finally got it I think it was the best scene (in that PV). During the filming of Maou, I was really thin and (he said something about his hair).
Maou was the first drama I had that I was the lead actor. 2008 was really hectic you know. People are still listening to it and a lot of people say that it's pretty cool. It's a success after all, wasn't it?"
- This song was released during the height of my fanaticism. Yeah! Late bloomer here. lol. So it sorta brings back a lot of memories. I'd tag this as their "Coolest PV". Coz the song is cool, the orchestra was cool, the drama was cool... But I didn't see that person with her/his legs spread wide. I was looking for it. lol

Kaze no Mukou He
- Aiba: "Right... I remember this song very well. I remember that day vividly. Everyone was really excited when we arrived at the set. Then we shot the PV. How long was it? (I thought you could remember it pretty well? ^_^) 3 to 4 hours? About 3 to 4 hours. After we took the PV, we still had another song - "Truth" (That explains why Aiba and Sho weren't in sync! Maybe they're tired.) I was already sweating bullets coz after "Kaze", we had "Truth"... I was thinking "Am I this bad at dancing?!". It was the first time I made that much mistakes. Really! If I saw a hole, I would've stuffed my head in there! (That bad Aiba? Aww...) Eeee... What am I talking about?! I'm supposed to talk about "Kaze no Mukou He" right?! Why am I talking about "Truth"?! I'm not introducing "Truth" right?! I'm really very sorry. But I want you to watch this with max excitement because we did it with max excitement!"
- This is another one of the songs falling under the "I'm not so fond of it" list. ^..^ I don't know why but it ain't really my type of music. Or maybe, it's under the "sometimes I love it, sometimes I don't" list.

Beautiful Days
- (With the first few words, you'll be able to get what PV Nino's talking about.)
- Nino: Well... there were a lot... of stuff like stars and lines coming out... They told us to give life to these shapes. So everyone did it... Everyone did it... (Some stuff missing... I didn't understand what he was saying.) This is quite a good package. "Beautiful Days... Wasurerarenai... Boku ga boku de aru tame ni..." (He hesitates.. Did he really forget?! He looks at whatever it was then says) "A! It's "Boku ga Boku no Subete". I really forgot! (Takes the CD) Let me say it one more time, correctly. "Beautiful Days, Boku ga Boku no Subete, Wasurerarenai"... "Boku ga Boku no Subete?" "Boku ga Boku no Subete"? Which one? "Boku ga..." "Boku ga Boku no Subete"? "Boku ga Boku no Subete"...." (Lol funny Nino!")
- I love this song. It brings back all the good memories of my fangirlism (I just saw "Ashita no Kioku" on Channel V!! Watching them on tv makes me happy! Really! Imagine how hyper I'd be if we had TBS, NTV, FujiTV, TVAsahi on our local cable!) Anyway, back to "Beautiful Days"... This brings back good memories. Arashi's songs are like time-stamped, memory loaded entries. They bring back memories of the days they were released. Even thoughts of non-Arashi related things come rushing in.
- Sho: Well, "Believe" you know is this year's first best-seller. (for Arashi, and this is the first Arashi album I bought!) It's already 2009?! We're already in year 2009. This was used as the soundtrack of the movie I did called "Yattaman". And the place where we shot this is the same place where we shot the scenes from the movie. About my impression on the PV... Well I guess it's a cool PV. So, please watch "Yatta..." o sorry, wrong one... "Believe".

Ashita no Kioku
- Sho: (While thinking deeply, sees the camera) You again?! Well then, let me introduce myself again. I'm Sakurai Sho. Hmmm... About "Ashita no Kioku" huh? This was also taken in the same studio where we shot "Believe". We all sang while we were seated. While doing the PV, we took pictures of ourselves. We placed those pictures on the wall. And those memories that we stuck on the wall became a flower in the end. Like a flower, treasured memories are capable of blossoming. I don't know if this was shown in the PV but while all 5 of us were sticking the pictures on the wall, the moment we get past the camera frame we kept on doing foolish things. The song strongly reminds me of "The Quiz Show". (It was the theme of Sho's drama) - This is yet another song that I love. I love the melody and the meaning of the song. And I love subdued Arashi. I love how Arashi transforms from a pack of foolish kids to subdued and grown up artists.

Crazy Moon/ Kimi ha Muteki
- This had a long intro... Because they practically showed the making of the PV.
- Details of the intro:
> Nino and Aiba were wearing masks. It seems that they both had colds. But Aiba was worse
> Ohno made a mistake which makes him and Sho laugh at the end of that take.
> Nino was singing "Kumori Nochi Kaisei" while Ohno was busy memorizing the dance for "Crazy Moon"... Nino's such a nughty kid!
> Aiba says to the cameraman "I'll do it in one shot". But ends up not hearing his cue to start singing because he gets carried away so he misses the cue and asks for another take.
> Ohno used to (mukashi, back in the old days) go to night clubs in Shibuya. If I heard it right, they had like time brackets? Or names for the days. "Monday/Sunday, Friday Far Away (lolz)". It's funny.^_^

After the song "Crazy no Muteki", they appeared once again, doing a "Not so secret talk XP". Then these stuff came up:
What's your favorite PV?
Aiba - Happiness (sou ne? atashi mo sou omou yo)
Riida - Hadashi no Mirai (because the filming finished early)
Jun - Naiso no Kokoroiki
Nino - Believe
Sho - ... i don't know what he said.

Speaking of PVs they liked, the conversation went to the PV they wanted. Of course everyone liked going out to shoot PVs (roke- location):
Nino: Where do you want to have it (PV filming)
Aiba: Abroad.
Nino: Abroad?
Aiba: Abroad.
Aiba: Shooting PVs abroad makes me feel like I'm an artist.
Nino: I see.
Aiba: That's just what I imagine.
Ohno: But we haven't yet.
Aiba: No overseas PV.
Jun: If we were to shoot overseas, where would you want to go?
Aiba: I'd like to try L.A.
Sho: Why?
Aiba: Nothing, I just have that image in my head.
Nino: Well then if you really want to feel like an artist, New York's the place to go.
Jun: I wanna go to Hawaii.
Aiba: I wanna go too.
Jun: No I mean, I wanna go to Hawaii and do what we did when we just started and shoot a PV. Like what we did 10 years ago. (I think he means they'll do exactly what they did 10 years ago then put that on a PV together with their 10-year old videos and pictures. It'll be more like a compilation. I think he's got a good idea. Jun has a lot of good ideas, I think)

In the end, someone from the staff brings in a cake. Arashi sings "happy bitrhday" to themselves and blow the candles. There's a cardboard bus in the center of the cake so when they blew the candles, the bus fell. The funny part is Jun shouts "Oh my God!" hahaha. It was cute how he said it. I listened to it over and over.

This is the first time I watched the animated version of "Believe". It's amazing! I was showing it to my sister and I was saying "Look! This is Jun! This is Sho! This is Ohno! This is Aiba! This is Nino! (これ 続いて ほしい なぁ~。。。)

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