I'm so happy!

I just received my copy of Arashi's latest single. (Yeah, a bit late coz I'm a thousand miles from Japan).

I enjoyed the PV. I also loved the behind-the-scenes footages. Arashi's so funny! I think they had a hard time containing their laughter! I did! I was smiling all the time.

Parts that I loved... When Jun called Aiba and they talked over the phone. They went like:
Jun: What's up?
Aiba: I'm filming a promotional vid.
Jun: Me too!
(They were sitting next to each other! And they were both filming "My Girl's" PV!lol these two!)

Ohno was also there, spaced out... Staring back at his cellphone. Jun dialled his number and Ohno went like "Oh!" (There's a phonecall for me) but he wasn't able to answer it. Then his phone rang again. When he saw that it was Jun he stood up and playfully hit Jun.

It's funny! And I love it!

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