List of Subbed Clips

My only rule or request: Just don't upload these to any streaming site.

Few warnings/reminders before you start downloading:
1. I only sub clips - not full shows - and they are unfortunately low quality.
2. I sub whatever I find interesting.
3. They are sprinkled here and there with my comments.
4. I added some effects to the videos.
5. I'll only be doing this on my free time so I may sometimes leave this un-updated for several days or weeks.
6. I bet there are teams subbing the full shows but then again, consider my subbed clips as an option. ^_^
7. The videos are in Ipod-MP4 format.
8. Again, if you want the MQ/HQ raw and full versions, you can find them at the Last_of_days LJ community. These videos were originally uploaded by the amazing people from that community. Other sources will also be noted.

0001 - Clip from: Arashi ni Shiyagare 2010-10-23 ~~ Aiba runs around the Imperial Palace

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