My Girl Episode 2 - Review

Warning: Contains spoilers for those who haven't watched it yet.

I really really love this drama.

In this episode, Masamunekun has already accepted that little Koharuchan is his daughter. The episode starts off with him welcoming the kid in his house.
It's kind of cute how the kid calls him "Masamunekun". ^^,

Then he hears his landlord say that he doesn't want children in his apartment, which forces Masamunekun to hide his child from them.

At work, he gets an offer that could make or break his career. He is chosen as the assistant to a famous photographer. This chance is good for his career but bad for his daughter. He ends up going home late at night leaving Koharuchan alone. While alone, Koharuchan sings a song Yoko taught her. So while waiting for her dad to come home or before she falls asleep (whichever comes first) she opens the window and reaches out to the moon while singnig the moon song. She told this to her dad but Masamunekun told her to stop talking about her mom coz it made him sad. Apparently, he didn't want to cry in front of his daughter.

Little did they know that Koharu's singing in the night was already scaring some people. The people were thinking that it was a ghost. A tenant (or a neighbor) went to Masamunekun's landlady and told her this. So she went and checked. She found out that the little voice they were hearing wasn't a ghost, but it was a kid in Masamunekun's room. After she found out, she decided to stay with the little girl until Masamune came home.

His landlady volunteered to take care of his child while he's at work and promised to keep this from her husband.

But they weren't able to keep the secret that long. One time, the landlady decided to bring Koharu dinner. Her husband heard her go out the door and followed her. Masamunekun sees his landlord leaning against his unit's door. This forces him to admit that he was, in fact, living with a child. He was worried that the landlord will kick him out for having a child live with him but the landlord was cool with it.

He wasn't ready to tell his boss about his daughter yet. But they needed a fresh face for a photo shoot, he thought that it was the right time to tell them about his daughter. He dashes off to fetch Koharu from school and takes her to work. The photographer agrees that she was, indeed, the model he was looking for. It was then that he admitted that he had a daughter.

It was liberating... But could Masamunekun's admission to having a child be the end of his career? After his boss says "Do you think he can go on with his career because of his kid?"

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