My Girl: Episode 1 - Review

I think this is the best Arashi drama I've watched in terms of how the shots were taken, the angles, the view, the background...

Aiba's role:
Aiba as a father? Hmmm... Cute! ^^, He's perfect for the role - a guy who's not yet ready to become a father. Maybe that's the reason why he's so effective at portraying the role.

He also seems to hit it off with little "Koharu-chan", which makes the scenes more convincing.

I can't wait for the next episodes. The last Arashi drama I really liked and watched was Ohno's "Uta no Oniisan"... Based on the first episode, I think I'm going to love this drama. I like the plot, the quality, Aiba's acting, little miss Koharu, and the Bananaman guy... lol.

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