November 2009 - [Nino] On how Arashi's never changed

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Nino wholeheartedly recalls his memories of Arashi as I walked with him through his path.

With the dizzying array of night light behind us, the guy was constantly humming a tune. Despite of humming it rather softly that it was almost impossible to hear, his voice was tinged with warmth. Before I listened to his story, I already saw how excited he was for the opening of their 10th anniversary tour that was going to take place several days after the interview.

[It makes me happy to know that people go out of their way just to watch our concerts. Concerts are like vegetables that we, ourselves, grow in our backyards. Nothing makes me happier than to know that we are being sought for and that our "garden" is continuously growing.]

On Nino being the one in charge with the composition of the song they'll use for the commemoration of Arashi's 10th year that'll be included in their "5x10" album

[ Well, I did receive e-mails from the other members too. But I based things on my own judgment. I like it done this way: the more you listen to it, the more discoveries you'll have, when we sing it and as people watch it, I want everybody to get wowed by it. I definitely wanted to put the words "Just the 5 of us. Always." in the song. When we sing that, it will, without a doubt, blow everyone away. It's true, it's always been the 5 of us right? We're not a 6-member group, right? (^_^)]

It is for certain that these guys have always been together. May it be in articles, photo shoots, these 5 guys are definitely present.

Around the first half of the year, I was working on my own drama and stage play that's why every time I was with them (Arashi), I spent time to chat with anyone.
Especially Riida, he's a pretty open-minded person so I don't have second thoughts about talking to him anytime. (^_^) But the degree of our conversation is like "Yesterday, I went to eat yakiniku...". We also had conversations about our jobs back in the old days though. "Arashi from here on is... The group's color will be...". We've talked about serious stuff during meetings too. But I always told them that "There's no need for this right?". If things were decided on purpose, it's like the possibilities would be narrowed down. For me, it should be "take it as it comes". I think we all eventually realized that there's really no need to talk about these stuff anymore.]

Nino laughed and said "Really, nothing out of the ordinary, right?" as he stared at their picture where they were lined up in a row that was taken for last month's More Arashi special issue.

[ Since we're idols, it's okay to be wrapped in tasteless flattery but the impression of being old should be zero, right? (^_^). At any rate, we do our jobs seriously and at our own pace. We also have a 'creator-like' atmosphere at times. I don't get tired of looking at each one of us. The reason why we 'can' be together is because we seem to fit each other. Like for example, Jun-kun. He seems to be someone who always steps forward (leads), well the truth is he's that kind of person. But if he's in another group, it won't really be the case. (^_^) Because Jun-kun always steps forward, the rest of us step forward too. That's how Arashi moves on. ]

On being able to revolutionize their inner selves due to the fact that they've remained the same after all these years

[ All 5 of us didn't change. Though we receive a lot of impressions on how we are from the outside, coz we're growing old you know, we are still the same people deep inside. Like Sho-kun, right from the start, he already wanted to be a caster and now that he is, it's like his dream just materialized (but he didn't change). Same case with Riida's art exhibit, Aiba on being a variety host, those are just our dreams materializing. I think it's not a transformation of our inner selves. In reality, the reason why we've continued to build such relationship is because not one of us changed. I didn't change too. It's not that I 'can't' change, it's more like 'I don't want to change'. If I can't change, then I'd be way older now (^_^). I definitely think, deep inside my heart "It's great that nothing's changed". Though as a sign of times, continuously revolutionizing yourself is an added ability, an ever changing situation is not a good thing either. I do believe in "Evolution without change". A person struggles to transform for his job, his love life, and to move forward in life but I can't say that it applies to everyone though. There's also this thing we call "strength not to change" right? Like Oda Kazumasa-san and Sazan, they are strong that's why they don't change. It's not about the appearance but they keep on revolutionizing themselves, don't they? I think it takes time. I think it's hard to believe in yourself for who you really are (without changing anything), at good times and bad times.]

Even before Arashi became this big, even during the time when he went to Hollywood alone and act on a movie, even this year when he received a momentous award, Nino constantly insisted on being "a member of Arashi". He hasn't, for sure, changed in that aspect.

[ All of us have no intentions of changing that's why now even if people say "We can't get Arashi's tickets anymore!", I still don't know what to feel. Before, we used to have quite a lot of unsold tickets. (^_^) With the hands of time turning, we continued doing our stuff seriously. Even though we aren't good enough, or we are not skilled enough, may it be in small venues or large venues, we remain consistent in doing our stuff seriously. That's who Arashi is. I feel happy whenever people see us as that kind of group, be thought of as foolish, but be watched over by everyone. We feel that the most during concerts.

Several days after the interview, as always, all 5 of them including Nino stood up in the stage, his head held high showing his lovely face to everyone.


I think Nino just cemented his claim to being Arashi's number 1 fan through this interview didn't he?
I love seeing Arashi's serious side. It makes me feel happy as a fan to know that they think this way.

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