Bad and Good News

After I checked the reports on yesterday's Dome concert, some wrote there was a FIRE!!
Fire Sparks went off after "Kotoba yori Taisetsuna Mono" at the main stage.
But the fire didn't go out completely and two had smoke coming out, the flame burned and remained for a while.
Then "YOUR SONG" started.
Jun kun and the staffs noticed one of them and the spark which fell on the floor was put out by his foot.
And Aiba chan went back stage and notify the staffs
Mean while Nino chan noticed it and he took off his T-shirt and put the fire out like that.
And he put his T-shirt back on.
The hem of the right sleeve of Nino chan's T-shirt was burnt black.

There were no injuries and everyone was fine.

So the dome tours of our five boys have been quite unlucky so far. First, Sho falls and breaks a thumb and obtains some other minor injuries, now, this.

I can't help but worry for the boys since they have been exposed to a lot of danger lately. I do hope they be more careful.

Going back to the news, I'm so proud of the three! I mean if it happened to other people, those guys must've just stood there and froze to watch everything catch fire.

Here's where I got the news by the way. CR Arashi News Thread

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