[Screencaps] Oshareizumu 2010.04.04 - Sho

Here's Sho's latest interview:

When asked about his best 'monomane'. The first was Kein Kosugi, his famous "Perfect Body" taught by Yamamoto Takahiro.
This was the second one he did. Antonio Inoki's impersonation.
He said "Oh... I can't... Doing it with the other members feels so different..." XP
(What a good relationship... Sho who can't do Antonio Inoki's gag alone)

Aiba gives the staff some information about Sho's concert mishap...
But the info he gave was something that happened in 2001~2002...
So the hosts went like "The info's old! I think it'd be best if Aiba-kun underwent an MRI"
LOL... No he's not brain damaged... he's just... Aiba. (^_^)

Sho: "At that time, we wanted to do something new in our concert. The concert hall's light went on and at the exact same moment they turned on the lights, we appeared on stage. Then we had to move according to the beat playing. It was like gan-gan-gan... gan-gan-gan...

Host: Oh I see... so it was not really a song playing...

Sho: We had to dance to the beat...

Host: You wanted to do it with an impact...

Sho: If there weren't any sound what should we do? So we had to listen to the beat. If it was a song we just had to listen to the lyrics and we'll know. It was a stream of movements. There's no turning back once you get lost. So I was like "Ooooh! Daaaaaarn!"

Host: Hahahahaha... So you were already not in sync with the beat?

Sho: I lost the will to go on in the middle of the routine.

Apparently, Sho's not the only one with concert bloopers...
Well... as long as Aiba's in there... he'll always hold the record. ^_^

Host: Aside from you, who among the members commits the most mistakes?

Other Host: Aiba-kun.

Host: You're the one who answered.

Sho: Yeah, yeah.

Host: You got it! (Referring to the other host)

Host: What kind of mistakes does he make?

Sho: When singing in our concerts, we split into groups. Like 2 will sing this part... or someone will do a solo... That guy sings all the parts!!! Out of his excitement!

Host 3: With a mic?!

Sho: Yes.

Host: Singing the 2nd and 3rd ain't that easy.

Sho: Then there was this time when I sang a part together with Ohno. Aiba, Nino, and Matsumoto sang a different part. While singing our part, we walked back so we were facing the other members. I could see Aiba singing my part... there's nothing wrong with it but I just thought it'd be better if he didn't sing it. I told him that and he said "I got it!"...
On our next concert... HE WAS SINGING MY PART AGAIN!
So I told him "It's okay to sing that part but I think it'd be better if you didn't..."
He said "I got it"...
On the third day, while walking towards me, he lowered his mic and gave me this look...
(A look that was like saying "See, I got it..." or "Did I do just fine?")

Then they started talking about Jun's mishaps...

Host: Jun looks like he does things perfectly...
He's got that image...

Sho: Matsumoto doesn't seem to have any mishaps...
During the MC he points out Aiba's mistakes.

Host: So he goes straight to the point and says "You did this..."

Sho: Right. Like when Aiba forgets to take off his costume.

Host: Forgets to take off his costume?

Sho: Like when we're wearing something like this, we sometimes remove it. Removing one piece is like changing costumes. He sang with his costume on while we all removed ours. The concert hall is large so we were all scattered. When we had to go back to the stage, he saw us (picture below for Aiba's reaction lol)

Something more private...
Host: Do you text each other?Sho: Yeah we do...
Nino's texts are short...
Just a simple "Congratulations" and an emoticon...

Sho: Ohno sends messages with puzzling pictures...

When I was in Vancouver he texted me
"Take care while you're there!"
With the picture of Kanjani8's Marumaya in Guam?

And he sends them at puzzling times...
One time when I just finished doing Zero he texted me
"You looked really good"

Host: He sends those embarrassing text messages?!
How do you reply?

Sho: I say "You're gross"

Sho: You'd think he sends manly messages but...
on my birthday he sent me a message with a fire cracker...
The fire cracker explodes and says "Happy Birthday!"

Sho: Jun sends cute messages.

Host: How about Aiba?

Sho: On my birthday, he sent me a message saying "Omedetamakin" (Omedetou = happy birthday; tamakin = balls)

(Written - "Sono choushi de ganbare"
Keep it up!)

Host: Do you receive funny mails from your mom too?

Sho: I do... but lately... Oh! From my brother.
He's in senior high school.
All of them sent me congratulatory messages for winning an award.
My brother sends me this message saying
"Keep it up!"

Host: Like he's older than you?!
What did you say in return?

Sho: I said...
"Thank you very much!"

Yokoyama Yu: What's the funniest thing Sho ever did?
"Sho gave me a a pair of shoes for my birthday.
I was so glad and I wore it frequently...
This is the first time I'm going to say this...
It's a bit small...
My feet turn blue every time I wear them.

Sho: What?! It's so embarrassing!

Host: You didn't ask his size?

Sho: I did!
I asked his manager.
I asked his shoe size!
Is the sneaker size...

Host 2: It varies.

Host: Did Yokoyama-kun wear it often while you're around?

Sho: He did.

Host: Do you exchange presents? Like on birthdays? Or when someone goes abroad?

Sho: We do.
When Aiba went down south, he bought us sandals.
But Aiba said...
"Sorry! They weren't selling anything else but sandals!
So it's all I got for you."
Is there a country selling nothing but sandals?!
I definitely thought he was lying.
But he still bought us those sandals.The sandals bought by Aiba. The size is still there, the band is still there...
Obviously... Sho hasn't used it yet. ^_^

Sho: Ogura-san gave this to me as a present.
2 years ago, he asked me "Sho-kun, what do you like?"
Lately I started drinking some whisky.
So anything that had something to do with whisky is good.
It's good if he gave me something to drink too though.
Then he gave me this set.

Host: Everything?!

Sho: All of that!

Sho: Then around the time we were celebrating our 10th anniversary...
Ogura-san brought a camera with him.
Then he said "Let's take your 10th anniversary picture!"
Someone from Arashi said "Pretty cool camera you got there!"
"I want one too!"
Then he said "Oh, it's almost Christmas isn't it?"
Ogura-san said "Stop that. I'm not giving it to you."
We said "We'll wait for it..."

Christmas came...
and he really gave us the same kind of camera!

Host: All 5 of you?!

Sho: All 5 of us.

(Awww... Ogura-san's so sweet. I really wish he'd work with Arashi again.)

Here's the Sakura pizza they ate.

Some sneak peek of their new show's ad...

And the ICING ON THE CAKE!!! ^_^


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