[Thoughts] Arashi ni Shiagare 2010.04.24

Cream Stew Duo
- Ueda Shinya (of Oshareism)
- Arita Teppei

Ariyoshi Hiroyuki Ariyoshi

The very first episode was very good.

It feels like Arashi's the guest in their own show. Because the guests know what they'll do and they know what'll happen. The 5 guys, however, don't have any idea on who their guests will be and what they'll do for the rest of the episode.

For episode 1, they got some good tips from the Cream Stew duo about being a great host. Arita taught them using Ueda's hosting experience. Uedasan's really great. IMO, he's a good host.

Here are some stuff that I translated.

Ohno: It's been a long time!

Ariyoshi: Well... it's not really that long to say "It's been a long time".

Ohno: Is that so?

Ariyoshi: It's been 2 months...

Ohno: Lately...

Ariyoshi: It's not that long.

Ohno: You're right.

Ariyoshi: It's not that long isn't it?


Ohno: How are you doing with your work and your private life?

Ariyoshi: Priva~te life... Well, the camera's rolling so I can only say a few stuff about my private life. But my private life's not that interesting so... Not much... How should I put it? Well... there's not much.


Ohno: Have you eaten out with friends recently?

Ariyoshi: Not much...

Jun: None right!

Ariyoshi: Probably not...

Aiba: But you must've gone out with beaten up celebrities...

Ariyoshi: What do you mean by "beaten up celebrities"?!

Aiba: What I meant to say is... I meant have you had the chance to eat out with celebrities?

Ariyoshi: Well I don't like hanging out with celebrities that much.

Ariyoshi: I can't really define what the word celebrity means.

Ohno: Okay, the people you appear with on TV.

Ariyoshi: Oh, if that's what you meant, it's easier to give an answer.

Jun: Who? Who?

Ariyoshi: One is Ueshima Ryuheisan. I go out with him often.

Ohno: You go out and drink?

Sho: Ueshima Ryuheisan also appears in "Kaibutsukun".

Ohno: What do you talk about?

Ariyoshi: What do we talk about?

Ariyoshi: We just drink then exchange our "the food's great isn't it?"...

Nino: He's a senior right?

Ariyoshi: Yeah. That's right.

Nino: But you talk that way? "The food's great isn't it?"

Ariyoshi: Well it's because I was telling it to you. I wanted to make it sound real!

Ueda: Aiba! He's pissed! Flatter him!

Aiba: Eh? Flatter?! What kind of flattery does he deserve?!

Nino: It suddenly became scary!

Nino: Who are you? Izumi Pinko?!

Udea: Izumisan will get angry!

Nino: I'll apologize later.

Ueda: Say something. Flatter him, with whatever.

Aiba: Well... your smile today's cute!

Aiba: A! What kind of pattern is this? (referring to Ariyoshisan's necktie)

Ariyoshi: The stylist made me wear it.

Jun: Cool!

Ohno: Where have you been lately?

Ariyoshi: Lately?

Ohno: Local or out of the country.

Ariyoshi: I went to India

Ohno: Were you able to eat curry?

Ariyoshi: Well... basically it's just curry.

Jun: You just like curry.

Ariyoshi: There's nothing but curry!

Ariyoshi: In India...

Jun: But you love curry right?

Ariyoshi: I do but...

Jun: Ye~ah!

~~ FIN ~~

Looking forward to the next episode.
Next episode will be Shimura Ken-san... I wonder how it'd turn out. Will Aiba be able to carry their TSD relationship over to their show?

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