[Screencaps] Himitsu no Arashichan 2010.04.29

Arashi goes on location for Mannequin 5!!!
Who will shine as the best-dressed Arashi?! Let's see. ^_^

Nakajima: Good morning!

Matsushima: Good morning!

Sho: You know... this is way too early for a "good morning".

Nakajima: The time right now is 6:19.

Sho: I'm still sleepy!

Nakajima: You're quite busy so this is the only time...

Nino: Is that so?

Jun: No... isn't it for somebody else's convenience?! You can only reserve this place in the morning right?!

Nakajima: That's right. For today, we've rented out the whole Gotemba Outlet.

Aiba: This is exciting!

Nakajima: You're getting excited?

Aiba: Yeah.

Nakajima: Since this is a special episode, you'll be shopping for your own clothes and putting up your own outfits using the clothes you'll see here.

Sho: Why is this show putting a lot of effort into this segment anyway?!

(haha! Goes to show that he doesn't think the segment's worthy of all the effort. Well... I can't blame Mr. Double parka for hating the segment. :))

Nakajima: Our theme is "Your best date outfit"! 

Aiba: Date outfit?

Nakajima: Yes. For 1 whole week, the outfits you've chosen will be displayed here.

Nino: Just the clothes?!

Nakajima: Well all of your are busy aren't you? That's why they'll be displaying just the clothes.

Sho: Even if we didn't have other stuff to do, we can't stand here for a whole week!

Aiba: That would be impossible.

Nakajima: We'll be setting up a poll to see which set of clothes the ladies would like their boyfriends to wear on a date.

Everyone: I see.

Nino: Will they know who came up with the outfits?

Nakajima: No. They won't know which clothes belongs to whom.

Jun: So you mean Sho won't have any handicaps?

Matsushima: People'd say "It's so Sho!"

Nakajima: Since the shops are going to open after 3 hours, you'll all be given 3 hours to complete the challenge.

Nino: So that's why we're here so early!

Nakajima: Are you guys ready? Please come back after 3 hours. Ready! Start!

Sho's Date Outfit


: This is a thoroughly thought-out outfit.

Nakajima: Can you please explain what your outfit's all about.

Sho: This is "Spring's %&^&$#"

Sho's Shopping Spree!

Cameraman: Sakurai-san, do you have a theme for today?

Sho: I guess I'd make it a spring outfit.

First shop

Sho: Should I go with this?

Sho: I think this goes well with the spring theme.

Sho: Mixing it up with other clothes isn't that bad either. I'd like to take this one please.

Announcer: Finding something is a good sign but...

Second Shop
: A... this one's good! This one's good! Taking it!

Sho: Yeah, a cardigan... I'm takin' these two!

Announcer: It becomes a series of taking for Sho who takes every article of clothing that catches his eyes.

Sho: Aaa~... I want a cart!

Announcer: Sho who's gone astray...

Sho: I guess I'm getting used to this.

(Buhahahaha! ^@^ I think Sho's the only one who can get away with a double parka. Not because it suits him but because he's so funny in a cute way when he's wearing it. He should have it patented.)

Sho: These 2 logos made this more of a double parka. You'll know sooner that this is a double parka than the plain ones I wore previously.

(Then next comes a page from Matsushima-san)

Matsushima: We would like to inform the members of Arashi that you only have 30 minutes left. Sakurai Sho-kun, indecisiveness is one of your worst traits! Please stay on track.

(page ends here)

Sho: Why was I singled out?! Where's she at? That lady?!

Sho: There's no more time!

Announcer: With only a few minutes left, Sho finally meets his destiny.
☆Third Shop

Sho: This one's cute but... It's Aiba's cut. It's so Aiba. It's definitely not for me.

Finally, Sho's finished product!

Nakajima: Here's Sakurai Sho's date outfit everything from the shops here at the Gotemba outlet.

Matsushima: Ooh... You got a good combination of colors there.

Nino: Where's the parka?

Matsushima: Why?

Sho: Hm? What? Calm down guys.

Nakajima: Can you please tell us why you chose this outfit.

Sho: This is... "Spring Bogus Aiba Outfit".

Aiba: What the hell is that?!

Sho: What's different about this time's Mannequin 5 is that the people don't know which outfit belongs to whom. Our names and faces won't be posted so even though I think that this outfit doesn't suit me at all, the moment people would see this outfit they'd think "Huh? Could this be Aiba's?" making my chances of being chosen higher!
(buhahahahah! Sho, you're a genius! Let's see if your plan works!)

Nino: What's that?!

Sho: I think if I wore this, people will notice it's not the normal length.

Nino: Of course people would think "What's spring about that?"

Sho: This is spring, Aiba, and I.

I think it's still Shoppoi. It's Aiba's style alright but Aiba's kind of daring in terms of color and patterns. He's not scared to wear loud colors, unusual patterns (leopard... star patterns), and weird proportions or lengths.

Good point:
- Looks clean
- If I were his date, I won't have to worry about what to wear. It's easy to match. I don't have to wear something so flashy or I don't have to exert a lot of effort just to look good with him.
Bad point:
- Too safe it's near boring. The color's too safe...
- I think sandals go better with the pants... or it's just that Sho doesn't look good in it? I've seen Aiba wear something like that but Aiba looked good in it. Was it the combat boots? I think the shoes are too safe.

Aiba's Date Outfit


Matsushima: It's short!

Sho: Master~! Woah! You're definitely the master!

Aiba's Shopping Spree

Cameraman: What are you going for this time?

Aiba: I guess it'd be best to be aggressive.

First shop

Aiba: Good morning! Is it okay?

Salesperson: Go ahead.

Aiba: Do you have something flashy?

Announcer: Aiba immediately spots a keeper.

Aiba: Aa! How about going for a double shirt? Should I go for it?
(Sho takes Aiba's style... Aiba takes Sho's style. These two!)

Aiba: I think this will work.

(Hmmm... Hmmm...? 70s look. Haha! Not really diggin' coz it's too flashy. But he's a celebrity after all! He has all the right to wear flashy clothes. He looks good in it. This is Aibappoi. Not afraid to wear anything!)
☆Second shop

Aiba: Do you have shoes with a punch? I want shoes with a punch.

(hahaha! Aiba's really going for it!)
☆Third shop

Aiba: I'm looking for shoes with a punch.

Aiba: This is way too much!

Aiba: Red!

(Again! Sho saw a red jacket while Aiba gets attracted to this red shoe!)

Aiba: Doesn't this look great?! I think it's perfect!

☆Fourth shop

Announcer: Now, the only thing left is the aggressive pants.

Aiba: Good morning!
(This guy's so nice... saying hi to everyone. ^_^)

Aiba: You do have flashy pants right?

(Here comes Aiba's daring fashion sense!)

Aiba: Do you have something for the ladies? Women's clothes sorta have that free feeling.

Announcer: Just what kind of plan does Aiba have?

Aiba: Which one's better?

(hahahahah... I loved how the staff laughed after seeing Aiba. Honestly... I don't like this. It's daring, yeah but I don't know what the skirt is for. Will you go out with a guy wearing this? Well... If it was Aiba I would but... if I saw someone normal walking down the street in this outfit, I'd follow him with a gaze and wonder what he's thinking of. This is way beyond daring. Leave the skirt to us ladies. ^_^)

Finally, Aiba's finished product! ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

Sho: Master! You're definitely the master!

Nakajima: What's the main point of this outfit?

Aiba: These are ladies' pants.
(Glad you went with this!)

Matsushima: You're wearing double shirts right?

Ohno: It's like "Who's Sho-kun here?!"

Sho: If that Aiba (referring to Aiba's clothes) gets higher votes than this Aiba (referring to his clothes which he based on Aiba's taste), they'd say "A! That guy's a copycat!" Aaa! I wasn't able to think about those things!

IMHO: I said earlier that the shirt looks like something from the 70s... But after seeing the finished product... Wow! This guy's got magic! The 70s look was balanced out by the pants and shoes. I'm glad he dropped that checkered skirt.

Good point:

- Daring
- Bold
- Looks so young (Who would believe this guy's in his late 20s already?!)

Bad point:
- Hard to match. Girls might have a hard time to match his style. Since he's a good dresser, the girl he's dating should also be a good dresser or she must exert effort to match his superb taste for clothes.
- Not everyone will like this.

Nino's Date Outfit

(Personally, I've always loved Nino's style. He is consistent with his choices. He wears clothes that are easy to match. He always stays above the safe line and never goes into the boring zone for me. I'd say his taste is safe but a bit exciting and he never misses. That's my humble opinion.)

Nino's Shopping Spree

Nino: What should I do? We've got 3 hours and this place is huge. Go around? The thing that worries me the most is... Sho's right there!

☆First shop☆

Announcer: Trying to get away from Sho's shadow... he enters a shop. But as he was about to enter his first shop, he sees... Ohno.

Nino: Riida, this one will look good on you don't you think?

Ohno: I think it will but... it's a kind of... expensive.
(buhahahahahah! I love these two!)

Nino: It's 7,500 yen! It's not really expensive!
(Really?! You don't find it expensive?! Hahahah... Rumors aren't true after all. Nino's not stingy!! It's Ohno who's stingy!!)
☆Second shop☆

Nino's naughty side kicks in! What is this guy doing?! Isn't he a contestant too?!

Nino: There's someone here.

He pretends to be a salesperson.

Nino: How's the size?

Aiba: The size is a bit...

Then he opens the curtain!

Aiba: Hey Nino! This is a real battle!

Nino: White shirt and chino pants. I see... Aiba-san, it's the first time I saw you in that.

Aiba: Yeah.

Nino: How's it going? Is it going well?

Aiba: It's falling into place.

Again, Nino opens the curtain!

Aiba: You're breaking the rules!!! Stop that!

Nino: Sorry.

Aiba: I'll get exposed!
☆Third shop☆

A toy store?!

Announcer: Nino who shows practically no interest in clothes spends his time looking at toys!
☆Fourth shop☆

Another toy store!

☆Fifth shop☆

Announcer: With only 30 minutes left... Just what is this guy thinking about?

Cameraman: Do you have a plan already?

Nino: I've come up with the perfect one.

Cameraman: That's to play around?

Nino: Well then shall we go and shop?

Announcer: Finally, Nino goes on the run!
☆Various shops☆

Nino: This one please.

Nino: This one.

Nino: Isn't this amazing?

Announcer: The truth is, while going around Nino already put up an outfit in his head.

Nino: I've memorized them. Okay. Okay. Okay.

(ニノカッコいい~!!! ★)
Nino: Could I possibly lose with this outfit?!

Cameraman: You look confident.

Nino: I am confident. In fact, that's all I've got!

Finally, Nino's finished product!

Nino: I wanted to make it look more suited for spring. I used this color for the scarf. I thought no one would wear this.

Sho: It's a bit rare to see Nino in those pants.

For Nino who never missed... I think this one's uhmmm... I don't like the proportions. I don't like the fact that the coat is that long and that the crotch is that low. He looks like a kid wearing his dad's clothes!

Good point:
- Since he looks like a kid wearing his dad's clothes, I'd say he looks smart and matured.
- I liked the color of the coat and the scarf. They blended well together.

Bad point:
- Proportions. Looks like he's wearing oversized jeans. If it was a softer material like that of Aiba... maybe it would have worked for me.
- The length of the coat didn't help either. It made him look smaller.

Ohno's Date Outfit

Jun: Huh?

Announcer and me: Why did Matsujun react that way?

Cameraman: What are you planning to do?

Ohno: What should I do? I don't know what to do.

☆First shop☆

Ohno: Oh! Levis!

Ohno: Hmmm... What should I do?

Ohno: Okay!

Staff: Ha! Do you think the size is okay?

Ohno: Sneakers will do right?

Ohno who browses through a magazine spots something that he likes and asks the attendant for the shoes.

Ohno: A~! That one!

Riida checks out some accessories and...

Ohno: That's a fish right?

Salesperson: Yes. We put it there just for you.

Ohno: Since you said that I'll take this one please.

Just like Nino, Ohno sort of forgets what he's doing there and enters this shop

☆Second shop☆

Ohno: Aaa~. I want to go camping!
マネキン5のSPで、 ”キャンプ服”のテーマで本当のキャンプに行くエピソードを見たい! ひみつの嵐ちゃんのスタッフのみなさん、 お願い!

Ohno: It's cheap.

Staff: Let's try to close it.

Ohno: Let's see how warm it is.

Staff: How is it?

Ohno: It's warm.

Ohno spends 1 hour in browsing through some outdoor goods. (男らしい! 好き!)
☆Third shop☆

Ohno: Can I try these clothes on? Everything that's on the mannequin.

But when he was about to try the clothes on...

Jun: Hey! Wait a minute! Can you wait a sec please? What does this mean?! You're not going with those right? There's no way you're going with all of those!

Ohno: For the meantime...

Jun: Why are you taking all of those?

Ohno: Well... I wanted to try everything out at once.

Jun: Hey... hey... is that allowed?

Ohno: Well... I'll do things my way.

Jun: I can't let that go!

So did he really wear those clothes.

Finally, Ohno's finished product!

Buhahahahahhahahahahahahaha! Seriously?! Ohno?! Well... I'd have to admit, it looks better on him than on the mannequin. In fact... So far... (for the meantime since I haven't seen Jun's yet...) this is my favorite. And let's give the man a break. It's his choice so it means it suits his taste.
Jun: Hey... that's the one on the Beam's mannequin am I right?

Matsushima: That's so mean!

Ohno: Yes. But I didn't copy everything!

Sho: Aaaw... is that so?

Ohno: Yes.

Ohno: I just copied this part.

Jun: Well he just took the upper half.

Nino: Hey! What the hell!

Jun: What's that?

Ohno: You'd think it's a heart right?

Everyone: It's a heart isn't it?

Ohno: It's a fish.

Matsushima: We don't care.

Ohno: I was sorta forced to buy it.
(Because the salesperson said that they put it on display just for him. But I think it's cute. lol. Imagine if you were Oh-chan's date... While walking you'd notice he's fishing something out from his pocket... and out comes that cute fish! And he hands it to you. Yihee~! Hahaha sorry.)

Jun's Date Outfit


Cameraman: How enthusiastic are you about this challenge?

Jun: We~ll... I don't know. I haven't made up my mind yet.

☆First shop☆

Jun: It's so huge in here!

Cameraman: Are you shopping for tops first?

Jun: It feels like it's easier to search for a good top. I'd like to try the shirt on shirt look. Doesn't this simple combination look good?
Jun spots a top that he likes... then immediately finds a pair of pants that he likes and says:

Jun: Huh... this means it'll all be over in 15 minutes!

After fortunately finding clothes that Matsumoto likes, he goes out and accidentally bumps into this guy.

Aiba: Matsujun are you done?

Jun: I'm just keeping some stuff.

Aiba: We don't have the same type of clothes don't we?

Jun: Like for example... a shirt on a shirt?

Buhahahahaha! Why did he say that?

Aiba: Huh? Shirt on shirt?!

Jun: Huh? Shirt on shirt?!

Aiba: Well then, the person who's going for a shirt on a shirt should raise his hand. Ready... set...

Aiba: Eee~h?!

Aiba: But I'm just keeping this for the meantime.

Jun: Yeah.
This makes Jun worry but for the meantime, he tries on different patterns.

☆Second shop☆

But he meets his fate in this shop...
☆Last shop☆

Jun: Woah! This one looks so classy! Should I go with a suit?

Jun tries the suit on and asks for someone to take his picture. He goes around, shows the picture, and asks some people what they think about the outfit.

Lady: It's lovely.

Finally, Jun's finished product!

Nakajima: Matsumotosan, have you found your bride?

Aiba: It's clean. And it has volume.

Sho: It's cute.

Matsushima: The pants are also rolled up... and it's checkered.

Nino: It's from Beam's isn't it?

Jun: Yes it is. Yeah and I've got a tie on.

Nakajima: What's your theme?

Jun: The pattern. Checkered, checkered, checkered.

Nino: Line up.

Sho: Hey! Me too!

IMHO: I didn't like it. Personally I wouldn't want my boyfriend to wear something like that. But! But! But! It's Matsujun. With the confidence that he has and the way he moves, walks, talks...
Good point:

- Where should I start? Uhmmm... I really didn't like it.

Bad point:

- If I were to go on a date with a guy dressed that way... What should I wear? Where should we go? What should we do? That outfit is not for the movies... It's not for a theme park date (except if he's the clown)... It's not for bowling... or for anything fun... Classy bar? Not my thing... I don't think it's suited for an intimate dinner at a fine dining restaurant. The clothes he tried on, the vest, the pink cardigan, the plain shirt on shirt... Those were way better. I actually categorized them in my mind already.

Me Talking
I thought Jun and Aiba both have a very good taste when it comes to fashion. They're bold and daring. I like to look at them but it doesn't necessarily mean I love their style. They look good, yeah, but since the theme is "date outfit" I'd go for something that I'd want my partner to wear.
And that'd be what Nino, Ohno, and Sho were wearing. Yeah, they look quite boring... And not as bold as the two guys. But the comfort level is so much higher when you're with a guy who's dressed down, dressed good enough to look like he's taking a bath everyday. Personally, I think the winner for this challenge should be... OHNO! Even though he stole the idea from the mannequin. He digs it so it means that's his style.

Watching how they dealt with the challenge made me come up with these conclusions. Of course, I don't know if it was scripted or something but I'll give it a shot anyway.

- Has some interest in shopping but he's not good at choosing clothes. But it doesn't matter coz he looks good in a plain shirt. His body sorta makes up for his fashion sense. So he can get away with a single piece of shirt.
- He is responsible. He immediately does what he's told.
- He is indecisive.

- Loves clothes! He loves shopping.
- He looks young and vibrant despite of his age (he's not that old but he looks younger than his real age)
- He is bold, daring, and aggressive.
- He is not afraid to try new things.

- Doesn't care about clothes.
- Sly and cunning.
- Really wise.

- Is a man.
- Doesn't have interest in clothes.
- Doesn't know how to shop for clothes.
- Looks like he's gonna be a good dad.

- Smart.
- Plans everything carefully.
- He has like a bird's eye view on everything.
- Has a pretty good judgment. (Except for choosing clothes)
- Meticulous.
- Has keen eye for details.

The clothes were put on display for a week at Gotemba. Ladies shopping there were given the chance to vote for the outfit they liked best.

On to the finals!

The judges were celebrities famous for their taste in clothes. They'd be choosing who they think would be the best and worst-dressed member. Whoever gets it right goes home with 100,000 Yen. That's about 1000 USD.


Rikaco: You have a name for that outfit right?

Sho: I'm soooo glad you asked that! This is called "Spring's Bogus Aiba Outfit". I want to stick to Aiba-kun's style as much as possible.

Hinano: Aiba-kun has a very good eye for balance so... I don't see what's so Aiba in that outfit.
(Hahahahaha! Exactly!)

Sho: You asking me where!? This! This part!

(Huh?! Hahahahahahhaha!)

Hinano: Even that is a bit different.


Nino: Sensei, what do you think?

Sensei: I think he looks like an old man.
(Aaaaw! Poor Sho! I think so too but that is because he was lined up with them. I think it would have been a totally different case if he was in a room... alone. ? Huh? What am I saying? Lol. I think the other guys were all dressed up so well that he looked like he just went out to buy some onigiri at a convenience store or something. He's also sort of uncooked and half-baked when lined up with the others.)

Sensei: It's spring alright. But you look like an old man getting some sun.

Nakajima: How about you Verbal-san?

Verbal: First of all, while they being lowered to that stage, I had my eyes on those red shoes already. I think the color balance is pretty good. Looking at Sho, I think it looks so organic.


Rikaco: I'm a little worried about that inner floral shirt.

Aiba: I learned through this corner that shirts are popular. I found 2 good shirts so I thought I'd wear them both!

Sensei: A is that so.

Nakajima: By the way, the pair of pants he's wearing is from the ladies' section.

Aiba: You wouldn't know unless I told you right? That's why I thought it's cool.

Sensei: But I hate guys who brag about wearing women's clothes!

Aiba: I'm not bragging about it!

Nakajima: Verbal-san, what do you think?

Verbal: I like the red shoes but it doesn't look good with the floral top. It looks sloppy.
(I didn't notice until he said so. Now when I look at Aiba, his feet are popping out of the screen. lol)

Sensei: It looks sloppy.


Rikaco: The color of his belt and the scarf go well together. He looks really mature in it. He looks like an Italian guy.
Sensei: Rikaco-san, you probably think that he looks clean and cool in it but... Those clothes are the worst for me.
Nino: WHY?! That's weird!
Sensei: That thing on your neck... That muffler... It looks like a bath towel.
Aiba: These guys are scary!
Verbal: The pants are funky but I think the trench coat is a bit too ordinary. If he went with a jacket or something short...

Nino: Damn it!

Sho: But we're learning a lot right?

Aiba: Yeah.

Nino: Hearing those words from a guy feels great.


Jun: Wait up. This guy's wearing a set displayed at Beam's.
He really didn't let Ohno off the hook. ^^,

Rikaco: The top, you know, looks really great. It looks good on you. But the hem of your pants are too wide... It somehow looks like something a yankee would wear.

Sensei: Everthying's too safe.

Nino: What was that?

Sensei: Everything's too safe. You can see through him.

Nakajima: There's something in his pocket.

Ohno: What do you think is this?

Hinano: A heart.

Ohno: The truth is... it's a fish.

Hinano: Cute!

Rikaco: What do you want to do with that?!

Ohno: The salesperson told me that they put it on display just for me.

Rikaco: I thought it was a heart that you'd hand to your girlfriend. That would have earned you a better impression but... a fish?!

Ohno: But this is...

Rikaco: Your girlfriend would think it's a heart but "a fish?!"

Nino: Sorry!

Ohno: You! Are you watching this?!


Rikaco: I think it's okay for a dinner but... meeting up for lunch with a bow tie? I'd prob'ly ask him to take it off.

Jun: I get it. But I thought if I went with this outfit I'll do it with the tie.

Rikaco: You may have been a little too carried away.

Hinano: If he came in this outfit without letting me know, I'd prob'ly think to myself "What kind of joke is this?"

Sensei: I... will laugh my head off.

Nakajima: Who do you think does he look like?

Sensei: Karube?

Which earns him the adana (nickname) Karujun.
(よし! 翔ちゃんはダブルパルカさん。 潤ちゃんは軽潤さん。 あだ名がまだ付けれない人は・・・残り3人です。)

Did the judges guess right?

Best: Aiba Masaki
Worst: Sakurai Sho

Best: Ohno Satoshi
Worst: Matsumoto Jun

Best: Ninomiya Kazunari
Worst: Sakurai Sho

Best: Ohno Satoshi
Worst: Ninomiya Kazunari

(I'm going with Hinano's choice! Ohno as the best-dressed Arashi and Jun as the worst. Just for this time though)

As for the poll conducted at the Gotemba Outlet malls, Arashi earned a total of 12,252 votes.

Nino gets shocked after hearing that they were going to announce the best-dressed member first.


5042 votes

(うわ! 嬉しい!私もそう思いますよ。大野さんのコーディネート服が一番好き。キレイだし、シンプルだし。 よかった! おめでとう!)

Ohno's comment:
This challenge is about date outfits isn't it? I guess this is what a date outfit should be.

Hahahahahah! Ohno's changed. He talks more, jokes more, and looks more confident. If you watched the Arashiden SP they had, Ohno admitted there that he used to have very low self esteem because in one of their earlier concerts, he noticed that he had just a few ucihwas. We all know that he is a late bloomer and his popularity practically skyrocketed later than the other members. I think his drama "Maou" catapulted him to fame. That drama was aired on 2008 - 1 year before their 10th anniversary. Imagine that? But it has been a series of fortunate events for him since then.

Quoting a voter's comment:

Senior High School Student (18 yrs old)
Simple yet he's the type of boyfriend you'd brag to your friends.

Office Lady (38 yrs old)
He looks like a cool beauty artist.

Senior High School Student (15 yrs old)
The heart poking out from his pocket is a plus.


2744 votes (22%)


They all fell to the ground! Hahahahha. So far 2 of my favorites have been chosen. I'm sure Nino won't be last!

Due to his excitement, Sho's feet start to shake.

Nino: What the hell is this?! 1 and 2 were forged outfits!

Quoting voters' comments:
Good Points:
OL (25 yrs old)
The color is fit for spring. I like it.

Freelancer (22 yrs old)
It looks loose and that's good.

OL (28 yrs old)
It's Aiba's cut so I like it.

Matsushima: Your plan was a great success!!!

Accountant (27 yrs old)
I guess this one's Aiba-kun's so I like it.
Sho's a genius!!! But if I were Sho will I feel good being voted just because they thought I was Aiba?! Hmmm... lol
Nino: But isn't this an act of fraud?!

Bad points:

Credit Specialist (23 yrs old)
If he wore sunglasses he'd look like Matsuyama Chiharu.

The next one's the funniest! Coz it's from a 12-year old girl!

Grade School Student (12 yrs old)
He looks poor.

Nino: That was from a grade school student?!

Pharmacist (43 yrs old)
I want him to have more self confidence.
That hit the bull's eye! Since he copied this outfit from Aiba, it means he doesn't have that much confidence in his style.

2409 votes (19%)





Nino: Yeah! Yeah! I'm the number one among the originals!

Sensei: Please tell us the bad points!

Heeding Sensei's request, they start with the bad comments about the outfit

Quoting voters' comments:

Bad points:
Junior High School Student (13 yrs old)
I hate old men's clothes.

Housewife (31 yrs old)
*She thought it was Sho*
I think it'd be better if Sho stopped using scarves.

Good points:
Salesperson (27 yrs old)
He seems to know how to have a good time and the clothes are a bit worn out but it's cool.
How about these two here?

Nakajima: The only one left is Hinanochan.

Hinano: You know, I'm already thinking about what I'll do with the money.

Jun: There's only about 2000 votes left right? I'd like to see the number of votes. I wanna see it at once.

I think Jun got the 259. lol

Jun: Let's stop here! Let's finish here.

Aiba: Let's do the rest next week!

Jun: I'm gonna be number 5! Wait up. I don't mean anything by this but can I take this tie off for a moment?

Rikaco: You thought about this seriously right?

Aiba: I seriously thought about this you know!

Jun: I did!

Rikaco: That's your own fashion sense right?



1798 votes (15%)


Quoting voters' comments:

Good Points:

College Student (19 yrs old)
The floral top goes well with the red sneakers.

Piano Teacher (27 yrs old)
The double shirt surprisingly looks good on him.

Bad points:

College Student (17 yrs old)
Clothes of a smooth operator.

Senior High school Student (17 yrs old)
Those sneakers look like the sneakers Sho had on previously so I don't like it.
Hahahhahaha! With the double parka!


259 votes (2%)


Quoting voters' comments:

Good Points:

Orthodontist (28 yrs old)
The bow tie is cute.

Health Expert (23 yrs old)
This kid is definitely not missing.

Nakajima: Let's see the bad comments.

Jun: That's enough.

Bad Points:

College Student (21 yrs old)
Mezamashi TV's Karubesan?! (Along with the other 247 respondents)

52 more respondents said that he looks like Bibiru Ohki
While 36 respondents said he looks like Detective Conan.
College Student (19 yrs old)
I'd maintain a safe distance from him while walking even if he's just a friend.

Himitsu no Arashi-chan's ads will be posted on an ad trailer that will be going around the metro. And the loser will be the highlight!

I guess... The flashier the better. What gives me the feeling that the guys knew that this was going to happen?! Of course they knew... right? Otherwise, Jun wouldn't have worn that outfit... Well that's just my own opinion. lol.

I hope whoever gets to read this lo~ng post enjoys it. I was writing this long post while watching the show.



Anonymous said...

es genial porfavor sigue asiendolo =D

Arashiphile said...

Hey Sheymi! I can't understand Spanish but thanks for leaving a comment. ^_^

Leign said...

this was a fun ep. i watched this understanding only half of it. thanks to your translation i was able to fully understand it now.

i wonder where i can buy the fish that ohno bought from beams. i want to get one, it's so cute.

Arashiphile said...

Thanks for leavin' a comment Leign! ^_^ I know! The fish plushy is so Ohno. First it's a fish, we all know Ohno loves 'em. Second, it is in Ohno's color. ^_^