[Translation - Blog] Shimura Ken-san + Aiba

I got this from Shimura Ken-san's blog:

Today... rather... yesterday, we finished shooting 2 sets of Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen. We all felt like it was a live show so we were done within an hour. No time wasted, we all felt like we were doing a live broadcast. After packing up, everyone including the staff and Aiba went out to grab a bite. Although Aiba had a play to do the next day he still came to finish the show's taping. He joined us for dinner but he went home as soon as he finished eating. The guy's easy to get along with. I'm gonna be doing a stage play called "Maestro" and it's going to start this July. So from the middle of June until the second week of August I won't be able to do TV shows.

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