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Figure Skate Team


Jun: Isn't this a cool show?!

Nino: I wasn't able to get what you said. Coz this guy beside me just asked me "Is that a medal?" Besides that, what do you think it could be?!

Ohno: Can I touch it?

Asada: Sure.

Ohno: This is sooo heavy.

Asada: Yeah.

Nino: Woah! It is heavy!

Sho: And this one's the gold medal from the World Championship.

Asada: Yes.

Sho: Today she'll have that hanging on her neck the whole time.

Nino: It's heavy.


** Asada Mao and Asada Mai **

** Kozuka Takahiko **

** Honda Takeshi **

** Tanaka Daiki (Fuji TV Announcer) **

Sho: Tanaka-san? ...

Tanaka: I guess I'm the sole salary man in this team.

Sho: This team was introduced as the "Figure Skate Team" but... Tanaka-san?

Tanaka: Yes... I'm here to watch over them as a sports caster. I'm goin' to remind them to do their best coz they are carrying their company's flags.

Jun: Can you still move?

Sho: Tanaka-kun's about the same level as Ohno right?

Ohno: Same age.

Text: Actually, they were classmates.

Tanaka: We were in the same class.

Huh? Hahahahaha... Even Ohno seems shocked to hear that they used to be in the same class!

Jun: If that's the case you can still move. This guy can still move.


Falling Pipe


Pipe Catcher:
Asada Mao

Pipe Choice:
Aiba Masaki

(Ooooops... same initials... )

Announcer: Mao-chan, how confident are you in winning this?

Asada: I'm not confident at all.

Announcer: But before the show even started you were practicing a lot right?

Asada: Yes. But I don't really feel confident about this.

Sho: If you don't have any intuition, practicing makes no sense.

Jun: How many points did you get while practicing?

Asada: I got 50-50 once... but after that I wasn't able to catch anything...

Aiba: Which pipes did you catch?

Tanaka: It's okay not to answer.
(Hahahahah... manager?)

Sho: Mao-chan... You don't have to get all nervous in front of a guy that sucks.

Nino: It looks like she's going for 2-4...

Jun: It could be 2-4...

Aiba: Yeah. It's like the backside of the backside of the back right?

Then Nino shouts:
Nino: YOU SUCK?!

Asada: I have no idea! I didn't get it!

Jun: Mao-chan... are you actually... an airhead? Don't tell me this is a battle of the airheads!
** tennen = airhead = are funny people because of their stupidity.
I dunno if the term 'airhead' is offensive but the word 'tennen' doesn't seem to be offensive to them based on their reactions. But there are people who strongly deny being a 'tennen'...
So I think it's a case to case basis? Some would like to be called tennens while others don't?

Asada: I dunno.

Aiba: What's your guess?

Asada: My guess? This and this...

Jun: 1 and 2...

Sho: Therefore, your standby position is...

Asada: Here.

Sho: Why?

Asada: The pipes might fall from 3 and 4.

Aiba: So it isn't really 1 and 2?

Announcer: Matsumoto-kun! I guess she's an airhead!

Asada: I think it's best if I actually thought that they'd fall from all 4 numbers.

Announcer: Now that she's chosen her spot, let's talk to her sister for a while. Mai-san, what do you think about Mao-chan's intuition?

Nino: Wait up! She's trying out all possible combinations!

Tanaka: Even while practicing, she's been doing a lot of image training.

Asada: Yes.

Sho: But her body's so flexible right?

Jun: Can you catch 1 and 3?

Asada: Yes.

Sho: 1 and 4.

Asada: 1 and 4?

Sho: Then 1 and 3.

Aiba: Let's stop with the practice!

Asada: But I sorta feel that I can do this.

Figure Skate Team: Good luck!

Aiba: I want you to answer this. You know Arashi right? Who do you like from Arashi? Your number 1. Are you listening?! Mao-chan, who do you like? Who do you like?


Aiba: Hora! Hora! Horaaaaaa~!

After the game...

Asada: It's hard!

Sho: You got number 4 but you weren't able to catch number 1.

Jun: What about Aiba-san's... what was that?

Sho: Hora.... Hora... Horaaaaaaaa!

Aiba: She wasn't listening to me!

Nino: What was your question?

Aiba: Who, in Arashi, do you like best?

Jun: Whoever... no one's gonna care.

Asada: My type's... Sakurai-san.

Pipe Catcher:
Sakurai Sho

Pipe Choice:
Asada Mai

Announcer: After hearing that you're Mao-chan's type, how do you feel?

Sho: I'm goin' to catch those pipes in this state of excitement!

Jun: Of course you're going for 150 points today right?

Sho: Last week I had my "Double Catch Debut".
(Double catch debut?! hahahahahah)

Sho: This will be the 2nd week.

Jun: If you get it this week, you're the real thing.

Nino: No one else has done that.

Sho: I guess so. From this point on, I'm gonna be "Mr. Double Catch".
(Buhahahhahahahaha... I think Mr. Double Parka's better!)

Mai: I won't let him catch it!


Mai: Is there a combination that you're good at?

Sho: The combination I was able to catch last time was 2-3.

Jun: But guessing it right ain't the issue here. Today's about getting 150 points no matter where it comes from.

Sho: I might guess it wrong... or I might not be the real thing when it comes to catching those pipes... but one thing's for sure... I'm the real thing when it comes doing it with the best of my abilities.
** shibori - I don't know what this means colloquially. I know it means squeezing or pressing or wringing... so I interpreted it as "squeezing or extracting everything that he could pull out..."... Anyway, I'll be using the term shibori for the rest of this post. I'm not a hundred percent sure... I'll fix this post once I get the real meaning of the word.

Nino: Oh shibori!

Sho: I'm a pro!

Nino: I see... Well then let's see about that.

Announcer: Okay Mai-san, inform us once you're ready.

Mai: I'm done.

Announcer: Mr. Double Catch!

Sho: Oh! Hello! I'm Mr. Double!
(Lol! Oh yeah you're Mr. Double alright! Double Catch and Double Parka!)

Jun: I think you're wrong there! Aren't you Mr. Shibori?!

Announcer: Sho-san, which numbers are you going for?

Sho: I've decided! I'm going for 2-3.

Nino: Wait a minute! That's quite a risk you're taking there! Were you leading her to push those numbers? You are choosing those numbers because you think that you prob'ly made her think that you're thinking that she won't go for those numbers anymore since they've been chosen the last time already?

Sho: That's what I call a 'miraculous mentality'. You're dealing with a pro here.

Announcer: Will Shibori Sho catch the pipes?

Nino: Good luck! Shiboriya!

Mai: I do know that you went to Vancouver to cover the news on Figure Skating... Can you please differentiate an "axel" from a "salchow". Please give us a detailed answer. Please give us the detailed difference between an "axel" and a "salchow".

Sho: An "axel" is...

Mai: An "axel" is?

Announcer: Sakurai-kun gets his usual score of 30 points!

Sho: I'm back!

Aiba: Well then, the difference between an "axel" and a... what was that again?

Mai: Salchow

Aiba: and a "salchow" is?

Nino: If you can't express it through words...

Jun: That would be easier to understand.

Sho: It's opposite so if I started here, I'll be ending there.

Jun: Uhmm... How many axels are you doing? Single axel? Triple axel?

Sho: If I started here, I'll be ending there. I guess I'm going for a double axel. Okay!

Nino: Go ahead!

Sho: This is the "double axel"

Jun: That was just a single axel!

Sho: That was a double axel!

Honda: But that was a clean jump.

Jun: They're complimenting him.


Bound Hockey


Guest Team Positions:

Announcer: Mao-san, of course you want to win against Arashi.

Asada: Yes. We're going to win. I want to win.

Announcer: Kozuka-san, how do you feel about this game?

Kozuka: Well... I think it's going to be okay.

Announcer: Are you feeling nervous?

Kozuka: Very very nervous.

Sho: That's because he's playing a very important role.

Nino: Everyone's important coz you're the ones who'll send the puck to the goal. So each one has to do his best. It's impossible to play this game alone.

Announcer: Mai-san, what plan do you have in mind? Are you going to make use of all 5 members?

Mai: I guess, we're counting on Taka-chan (Kozuka).

Announcer: I guess Taka-chan's in a very critical position.

Sho: Taka-chan, if you don't score a goal...

Nino: it won't look good.

Ohno: Taka-chan!

Kozuka: Yes?

Ohno: Taka-chan.

Nino: You just wanted to say that!!!

After the game...

Announcer: Mao-chan, there were some frustrating points right?

Asada: Yes there were.

Sho: But you did pretty well.

Jun: We're just on the same level.

Sho: We don't even know if we can get that much.

Arashi Team Positions:

Announcer: Let's see, Matsujun, you have quite a heavy responsibility there.

Jun: Yeah I do and I hate it!

Sho: Can we have you replaced then?

Jun: Is that so?

Sho: It's your first time right?

Jun: Yeah.

Sho: Are you confident in steering that puck into the goal?

Jun: Actually I'm not.

Nino: If he doesn't score a goal, maybe you can trade places as fast as you can.
(Jun's the one being bullied this time. lol. That's new. Usually it's Sho or Aiba.)

Jun: But I think I can do it.

Nino: If he says "This ain't working" can someone trade places with him?

Aiba: The first person's important too. Okay! Let's do it!
(Hahahahahah... Aiba's stealing Jun's thunder!)

Announcer: Aiba-kun are you okay?

Aiba: Yes.

Announcer: But it seems as though you're not while you were talking to yourself.

Aiba: Shut up! Shut up! Let's start!

After the game...

Nino: I think Aiba-kun's timing was off.

Aiba: Was I steering too strong? Well I thought if I hit the puck stronger, it'd reach your guys faster. I was just thinking about all of you! It was for your sake!

Jun: Well... stop pointing fingers. We all sucked!

Ohno: Excuse me! I think did pretty well!


Jungle Bingo


Announcer: Sakurai-kun, 3 out of 5 members can only move at a time and that's a pretty tough feat right?

Sho: Yes that's right. You also have to exert a lot of strength in this game. This is pretty tough, right? I think it'd be best for you to talk about which pattern to aim. Will it be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal?

Honda: Well... let's go?

Tanaka: This guy doesn't look like he's taking your advice.

Sho: I've already felt that I'm being ignored.

Kozuka: Sorry.

Announcer: Mao-chan, you're battling for the best time here. Do you think you'd win this?

Asada: We will win!

Announcer: Kozuka-san, how about you?

Kozuka: Ah... uhmmm... I think I'd be lost.
(another tennen? lol)

Sho: I think you're being too skeptical about this.

Announcer: Challengers, please be careful not to crash into the glass walls.

(After just seconds of reminding them to be careful not to crash into the walls, Kozuka (Taka-chan) crashes into the very first glass wall along his way! I'm beginning to like this guy! And the other 2 members of the figure skate team laugh their heads off after seeing their poor teammate get his face flattened by that transparent tile.)

After the game...

They get a bingo only after 1:42 minutes!

Announcer: That was a very impressive time!

Nino: It's the best time so far isn't it?

Sho: BUT! Kozuka-kun is...

Nino: What happened?

Sho: He crashed into the wall after just 2 seconds.

Announcer: Matsumoto-kun, this has become a very tough challenge for you. Do you think you can beat their time?

Jun: I think we should do everything that we can this time that's why I think it'd be best if we went for the "FREE" box but... the problem is what kind of line should we form? What do you think? Vertical? Horizontal? Diagonal is okay too.

Aiba: Horizontal? Coz we're aiming for the middle right?
(Hahahahahahahahha!!!! Tennen!)

Jun: Well... It's in the middle however you look at it.

Aiba: A... O yeah.

Nino: You're at your best today aren't you?
(Tennen max!)

Jun: Let's take the horizontal!

Aiba: Hey! Hey! Wait up! Taka-chan crashed into one of the walls here so let's trade places? That's where he crashed right?

Nino: If he went in there he'll crash into that wall too.

Jun: It's 11, 12, 14, and 15

Announcer: It's 11,12,14,15. Arashi team is aiming for the horizontal pattern including the "FREE" zone. Will they be able to beat the guest team's time? Let's see!

(What gives me the feeling they gave this episode away?! I hate seeing them lose! It's not funny anymore. They can be funny without losing right?)

After the game...

Jun: We really sucked!

Sho: I know now how fast the time we were trying to beat!

Nino: They were amazingly fast.

Jun: I agree.

Nino: Doesn't the problem lie on the entrance? The part where I went in had only blocks 14 and 15.

Sho: When I met Ohno up there, he said "It's a dead end here".


Pinball Runner


(I hope they win!)

Figure Skate Team:
Control Platform:
Mai Asada
Mao Asada

Announcer: Kozuka-san! Your moment to shine has come!

Kozuka: Yeah that's right. Earlier I crashed into the wall. I'll do my best!

Announcer: How do you feel about this?

... (Silence...)

Announcer: Kozuka-san!

Kozuka: Oh! I'll keep in mind their request to get all those balls.

Announcer: Mao-chan, what plan do you have in mind?

Asada: Actually we have a slight problem... we sound alike so people often get confused.

Sho: Say '4' together.

Sho: You do sound alike!

Ohno: Oneesan, you just made yourself sound like her am I right?!
(Actually they do sound alike! While Mai was talking awhile ago, I thought the one talking was Mao.)

Jun: That's not true.

Nino: you should be thankful to have them both here!

Sho: So splitting up the colors is pretty tough for you two?

Asada: I think so.

Jun: But isn't it better if you split up?

Asada: Then we'll do it randomly.

Sho: The belt also changes its speed. It becomes faster so I think you should catch up with it.

Kozuka: With regards to my fitness level, I think I'd be fine since I'm a figure skater.

(And here's the funny part)

Kozuka: But I'm not used to running on the ground.

Announcer: I'm sure that the ground is not as slippery as ice.

After the game...

Announcer: You got... 150 points!

Sho: Taka-chan! That was pretty cool!

Nino: You can if you just do it! Taka-chan!

Kozuka: I'm an "I-can-do-it-if-I-just-do-it" kid.

Arashi Team:
Ohno Satoshi

Control Platform:
Matsumoto Jun
Ninomiya Kazunari
Announcer: As of now, the Figure Skate Team leads by 280 points. What should Arashi Team do to beat them? Ohno-kun!

Ohno: Yes?

Announcer: It's all up to you.

Jun: It's gonna be fine! Ohno will get them all. First and this is a MUST! He must get those 2 pink balls. That'd give us 100 points. After that, he should catch at least 18 yellow balls.

Sho: Well... it's an easy victory isn't it?

Ohno: But if a ball falls from 8 and another falls from 3 at the same time...

Jun: Catch them all.
(lol... poor Ohno.)


Jun: Catch them all.

Ohno: Can I get both if they came falling from 8 and 3 at the same time?! Can I?!

Jun: You can.

Announcer: What about you in the control platform? How will you split up the roles?

Nino: I guess it'd be best if we made Riida hear the numbers for the pink balls loud and clear.

Ohno: Well then let Jun-kun take care of the pink balls.

Sho: It feels gross.

Jun: Why'd you call me "Jun-kun" just now?
(Huh?! They don't call each other that? Aaaaaw...)

Ohno: But we're that close aren't we?

Sho: I don't get the setting!

Announcer: Ohno-kun, are you ready?

Ohno: Yup!

Nino: Let's go!

Ohno: Sure!

(I have never been this excited about Pinball Runner ever!)

Announcer: An impressive performance from Arashi's leader!

Jun: How many points?

Announcer: You got... 210 points!

Aiba: Woah! Cool!

Sho: 210 points is cool isn't it?

Aiba: That's a lot!

Jun: He did it!

Announcer: The difference is now closer at 70 points.

Sho: You were able to catch both pink balls all because of Jun... Say something to the pink ball supervisor.

Ohno: I love you Jun-kun!
(I swear, I held a very loud scream inside of me. The audience screamed as well!!!! Love these guys!)

Jun's face: Question marks. Huh? Huh? Huh?


Giant Crash


This week's Macho-kun

Jun: He's wearing ice skates.

Sho: This one's quite tall.

Announcer: This one's the tallest Macho-kun we've had so far.
(Height: more than 6 meters)

Aiba: Wouldn't it be dangerous if that thing crashed?

Ohno: I think Taka-chan should watch out for it.

Announcer: We're on our last stage. Mao-chan, how do you feel that we're now on our last stage?

Asada: We'll do our utmost best.

Announcer: I guess, you don't want to lose right?

Asada: I hate losing that's why we won't lose.

Announcer: Arashi Team, with Ohno-kun's marvelous performance, you have almost caught up with the other team.

Jun: We're almost there. The first half was the worst but we're just getting started. We'll be carrying over Riida's performance up to this point.

Sho: "The show has just begun" isn't an exaggeration.

Nino: What's with this? It's sorta new!

Announcer: 64 blocks were removed leaving just 14 blocks on the game board. Let's start from here. So how will Arashi deal with this challenge? Let's see.

Jun: Wait. Wouldn't the audience be annihilated by this?

Game start:

Nino: We can go with either Yellow 7 or Yellow 8.

Announcer: Macho-kun's wearing ice skates. What's your first number?

Sho: Are we going with Yellow-7?

Announcer: Yellow-7 down!

Announcer: SAFE

Jun: Blue-13?

Sho: Blue-13?

Jun: Yup.

Sho: Blue-13

Announcer: They're going for Blue-13. Down!

Announcer: Macho-kun's not yet moving. SAFE!

Aiba: How 'bout Yellow-8?

Sho: Will it be okay later?

Jun: Red-10!

Aiba: Yellow-8!

Jun: Red-10!

Aiba: Yellow-8!

Sho: Red-10!

Announcer: Sho goes with Matsumoto-kun's choice and it's SAFE!

Announcer: Arashi teams gets 30 points. The next challenger takes control.

Mai: What are we going for?

Guys: blue-9!

Girls: Blue-9?

Announcer: SAFE!

Announcer: That's 10 points!

Asada: How 'bout Green-3?

Announcer: They're going for Green-3! Down!

Announcer: SAFE!

Announcer: You have 24 seconds left and 1 more block to choose.

Guys: Orange-8?

Girls: Orange?

Announcer: Yellow-8!

Mai: Is it okay if we went for Yellow-8?

Announcer: You have 12 seconds left!

Announcer: Yellow-8. Down! SAFE!

Announcer: It's Arashi team once again. There are only 8 block left.

Aiba: Yellow-16!

Jun: Red-14!

Aiba; Yellow-16!

Nino: Green-4!

Aiba: Yellow-16!

Sho: Okay! Let's go with Green-4!

Announcer: They're going for Green-4! Down!

Aiba: Yellow-16!

Aiba: Yellow-16!

Aiba: Don't ignore me like I wasn't standing this close to you!!!

Aiba: Oi! Move! Press it!

Nino: Red-7!

Jun: Red-7!

Aiba: Yellow-16!
(Feels like this guy's gonna be dunked for the MDA if ever they lose this game. They are ignoring him... so he practically doesn't have any input... which could be a good grounds for him to be tagged as this episode's MDA)

Sho: Both looks good though.

Jun: Let's go with Red-7.

Sho: Red-7!

Announcer: Red-7. Down!

Aiba: Yellow-16!

Announcer: They're going for Yellow-16! Down!

Announcer: SAFE!

Mai: Red-15 looks like it covers a big area.

Jun: Hey be careful everyone, the giant is about to crash!

Announcer: After choosing a block, you can already pass.

(Tanaka pushes Taka-chan...)

Kozuka: Oh! You scared me there.

Kozuka: 15!

Girls: 15?

Mai: Is it okay?

Announcer: Red-15.

Mai: Is it okay?

Announcer: Red-15. Down!

Announcer: SAFE!

Guys: PASS!

Announcer: The Figure Skate Team chooses to pass after a block! There are only 4 blocks left! Will there be a miracle for Arashi team?!

Nino: While I was suggesting 13, the staff all had terribly worried expressions on their faces!

Sho: Then we won't go with it!

Jun: Which one should we go for?

Nino: The moment I said '13', they all gathered there! Which one should we choose?

Jun: Their suggestion is to make the giant crash over there!

Aiba: How bout we go for 12?

Nino: It has to be 12.

Aiba: Let's go for 12!

Announcer: After choosing one block, they're free to pass. Will it be a giant crash for them? Or will there be a miracle?

Jun: If we went for 12, where will it crash?

Aiba: Over there.

Aiba: 12!

Announcer: Will it be okay? Red-12. Down!

Announcer: SAFE!!!
(I have never watched a "Giant Crash" this exciting ever!)

Announcer: After choosing a block, they've decided to pass!

Announcer: So, will there be another miracle?

Announcer: There are only 3 blocks left.

Nino: Rangers, there's a very big possibility that this would fall forward.

Tanaka: Mao-chan, can you do a finish pose?

Mao: Wait! 13 is here isn't it? If 14 goes down...

Announcer: Macho-kun's standing just like Mao-chan. Is the giant balanced well enough? After choosing 1 block, they can choose to pass!

Tanaka: 13!

Announcer: They're going for 13! Down!

Announcer: The giant crashed during the Figure Skate Team's turn! It was an amazing turn of events!

Announcer: Arashi team wins!!!

(Ooooops... I guessed wrong! They won after all! I must say, losing the first half made the 2nd half soooooo exciting... But it's so obvious that they were giving the first half away!

It's a good thing that Macho-kun was wearing ice skates. If he wasn't, the audience might have been annihilated)




Sho: You look pretty disappointed.

Asada: I'm so frustrated!

Sho: What do you think about today?

Asada: It was really fun. I'm glad we came.

Sho: We're glad to hear that. Thank you very much.

Sho: Mai-chan, how bout you?

Mai: It was really fun. Thank you very much.

Arashi: Thank you very much!

Sho: Taka-chan should be your MVP.

Kozuka: No no no... I'm quite frustrated though coz we lost.

Nino: Taka-chan! You're welcome to visit us again!
(How about makin' him your plus one next time? Please? Pretty pretty please?!
たかちゃんがプラス1としてVS嵐に行くってのはどう? 楽しそうと思うけど。^_^

Sho: Takeshi-san, what do you think?

Honda: It was fun. We'll definitely come here again next time... without Tanaka-san.

Tanaka: Hey!


★☆The End★☆
Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed watching the episode. ^_^
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