Mini-clip 0005: Dance to the beat!

* Note:
1. Clip stays here until I finish translating and subbing another clip.
2. Once I finish subbing another clip, I'll be deleting the video from the streaming site but I'll keep the direct download link for the subbed clip.
3. You can see the dl links of the past subbed clips in the
DL Subbed Clips page.
4. These are low quality clips. If you want the whole MQ/HQ raw versions you can get them from the Last_of_Days LJ community.

5. I don't require comments but if you feel like saying something about what you just watched, speak up. ^_^
6. Please don't re-upload it to any other streaming site.


Download: MU
Password: ramen

Show details:
Show Title: Arashi ni Shiyagare
Episode Date: 2010-10-23
Guest: Shuzo Matsuoka

Don't re-upload to streaming sites please.
Thank you!

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