[Translations - Mag] Arashi - Myojo 2001.10


Who's the most perverted member of Arashi?
Aiba: Sho.
Nino: Sho.
Jun: All of us are perverts... But Sho seems to be the most perverted one.
Sho: It's not just me. All Arashi members are high level perverts.
Ohno: We're all average perverts.

What are you going to do if you became a woman for 1 day?
Jun: I'll go to a cafe in Omotesando. I'll just check how hot I'd be as a woman.
Nino: I'll get a skinhead and walk around Shibuya wearing a dress and then ask people how I look.
Ohno: I'll seduce men.
Sho: I'll seduce the other members.
Aiba: I'm fine like this. I can't picture myself as a woman.

What do you wear to sleep?
Sho: Shirt and trunks.
Aiba: Shirt and shorts - the basketball shorts I've been using since high school.
Nino: It's hot during the summer so I just wear pants.
Jun: Shirt and shorts. Speaking of which, I just bought a new futon and a pillow.
Ohno: It depends. Sometimes I just wear a pair of pants, and sometimes I wear a pair of pants!?
** Riida's so funny

What do you think would you be doing right now if you weren't a member of Arashi?
Ohno: Huh!? I don't know.
Sho: Organizing group dates... I'd probably be a good-for-nothing college student who's taking the same course again after flunking it.
Aiba: I'd probably be a college student. Campus life sounds fun. I'll attend other universities. Huh!? What am I saying!? I just want to know what college life is like.
Nino: I'd be a college student.
Jun: I'd prob'ly be walking around Shibuya with a girl, attending group dates, asking for a girl's number... something like that.

Who has the best fashion sense among the members?
Aiba: Jun. He has a lot of clothes.
Ohno: I agree.
Jun: It's hard to compare cuz we all have different tastes. If we were to talk about who has the most number of clothes, then that would be me.
Sho: Aiba. I think his personal taste for clothes is good.
Nino: Ohno. He may not look that fashionable to you but he's a bit particular about the clothes he wears.

If you were stranded in a deserted island, who among the members would you want to be with?
Jun: Sho or Ohno. Sho's the type who encourages and motivates other people. Ohno seems to be the type who'd adjust easily to isolation.
Aiba: Sho. He'd manage our food supply.
Ohno: Sho. I think, together, we can still laugh and have fun even if we're stranded in an island.
Nino: Aiba just because...
Sho: Yonehana Tsuyoshi. His survival instincts is better than any of us.

How do you think can you attract the audience's attention during your concerts?

Sho: I look at their faces. Seriously, I can even tell who watched our Spring concert twice. I think we don't need flashy stage costumes just to attract their attention.
Ohno: Hang light bulbs all over our bodies.
Aiba: Wear swimsuits? I'm sure it won't be hard for the audience to find Sho.
Nino: Does it really matter? Isn't having fun together enough?
Jun: Wouldn't we attract more attention if we all wore the same thing?

What will you do if your agency decides to add another member - a female member - to Arashi?
Aiba: I'll give the princess a welcome hug.
Ohno: I'll say "Oh! Hello!".
Nino: Nothing. There are a lot of women in our staff so it's not that big of a deal.
Sho: If she entered now, it'll be upsetting. Arashi's doing quite fine with just its 5 members. I'm sorry to say this but having an additional member may not work for us.
Jun: I'd be more thoughtful and be like "Which packed lunch do you want? You can choose.". Ladies first.

At what age do you want to get married?
Nino: When the right time comes.
Aiba: Not too young, not too old. Late 20s maybe.
Ohno: 23. No, 26 I guess? I want to be a young dad. I want to settle down before I turn 30.
Sho: I haven't thought about it yet.
Jun: Once I find the right woman.
**Ohno's already 30 and Aiba's already in his late 20s...

Is it true that Arashi can eat 10 sets of packed lunch in one meal?
Nino: No it's not!
Aiba: We only get 1 packed lunch each. But we do eat snacks afterwards.
Jun: Sho's got the biggest apetite among all the members. Whenever we eat out, he always orders an extra dish.
Sho: I used to eat 2 sets but that's in the past. I only eat 1 now.
Ohno: I don't eat a lot. I also watch the calories I'm taking in.


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