[Translation] Only Star - 2010.09.06

Scans: saobang2211@LJ

ONLY STAR: How does it feel now that the filming for the special episode of "Mannequin 5" is over?

OHNO: Thinking back, the judges' comments about my outfit weren't really that good. I seriously thought I was going to lose. It's been a while since my heart beat that fast!

ONLY STAR: In your opinion, how'd you end up getting second place?

OHNO: I guess going with the suggestion of the woman from the store wasn't such a bad idea.

ONLY STAR: Wasn't it because of the colorful outfit?

OHNO: Yeah that too, maybe the colors went well with my tan. (Haha)

ONLY STAR: (Haha) Let's move on to our readers' questions...

[Female, 15 years old]
How are you choreographing your new solo?

OHNO: I never thought that I'll be doing a song like that. I thought I was going to do a dance song but my new song has a slow tempo. But it's still a feel good song, which I'd dance to... or not...

ONLY STAR: So it's possible that you won't be doing any choreographies for this song?

OHNO: ... I haven't really thought about it yet. I'll start planning now. (Bitter smile). It's not the only thing I'm doing right now. We're going to have an album tour and it's been a while since I released a new song. I think it'd be better if I did it with the other members.

[Femal, 15 years old]
How did you feel when you first heard your new song "Love Rainbow"?

OHNO: It's a blend of Arashi's style with a fresh, new concept.

ONLY STAR: What's new about it?

OHNO: It's not really a grown up song but it's not a happy song either. It is subdued but the beat is good. "Love Rainbow" is a light song. It's easy to memorize, pleasing to the ears, and it's easy to sing.

[Feamle, 14 years old]
You are currently endorsing an electronic appliance, personally, what kind of appliance do you want to have right now?

OHNO: Nothing in particular.

ONLY STAR: Do you watch TV?

OHNO: Not much.

ONLY STAR: Do you watch the shows you're in to see how you did?

OHNO: No cuz I already know what's in it so I don't (haha).

ONLY STAR: What's the most important electronic appliance you have in your room?

OHNO: I just need to hear music playing all the time. That's about it. I can't think of anything other than that. I don't think I need something else though.

ONLY STAR: What kind of music do you listen to whenever you're out fishing?

OHNO: I don't know why but whenever I fish with my headphones on, I can't catch anything.

ONLY STAR: Is that so? Anyway, how did your CM's filming go?

OHNO: All I did was follow the director's instructions so it wasn't really that hard. He was like "Speak in a hushed tone like a Nopperabou", the facial expression just came with it. It's actually a no-brainer.

[Female, 14 years old]
You've been a lawyer then a cartoon character in your dramas. You've played a wide range of roles. But if you had to choose one, what role did you enjoy doing the most?

OHNO: I enjoyed doing all of them. "Maou" was challenging but it was fun. Each role was different. But if I had to choose one, it would be Kaibutsu-kun.

ONLY STAR: Why would that be?

OHNO: I went out a lot with Ueshima-san and Yashima-san. We weren't able to spend a lot of time together while we were on the set so we went out whenever we had some free time. It was really fun.

ONLY STAR: What kinds of stuff did you talk about?

OHNO: I'm already 30, Yashima-san is 40 and Ueshima-san is 50. We'd bond over alcohol. We'd talk about work, sometimes we'd talk about our desires to do a stageplay together... But the conversation stops along the way cuz we'd all be drunk and sleepy after a few bottles.

ONLY STAR: We'll definitely watch out for you stageplay.

OHNO: We'd most likely be doing a comedy. It will surely feel the same. There were also times when we went out to drink with the staff. But they'd all be huddled in groups while the 3 of us end up drinking together. We'd say "It's the 3 of us again!".

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