[Translations - Mag] Jun - Duet 2010.11

Do you have a particular set of guidelines in creating your concert opening speeches?
I don't really have one. Actually, I didn't make any. It won't sound interesting if I knew what to say beforehand. I just base it on what I'm feeling at that moment.

What things do you bear in mind during your concerts?
In our past nation-wide concerts, there were a lot of instances that I'd watch the sky transition. That's what I'd do when we're just singing on stage and we're not dancing. We'd start while the sky's still bright. After some time, the sun starts to set and I just notice that it's already getting darker. The penlights gradually become more visible in the dark. It'd make me look at the sky and think that it's already night time. Our concert last August started 10 minutes after sunset but the second concert had to start on time. We wanted to do "Summer Splash!" while the sun's still up.

Are you meticulous about the costumes that you wear in your concerts?
I am fashion conscious but I don't mind being not so trendy when it comes to our stage outfits. Those are just costumes after all.

Tell us something about this time's concert goods.
We heard that a lot of fans line up outside and wait for long hours to buy our concert goods and stuff. So we thought of including hooded towels in our list of concert goods to protect the nape from the heat of the sun. At first I was thinking, "why not make a cap and a muffler in one to protect the nape during the winter season?". We went through a trial and error process and in the end, we came up with the hooded towels. About the pin badges, the colors differ depending on the venue. We wore those on our tour shirts during the encore. We didn't remove them until the concert ended so we eventually had all the colors on by the end of the concert tour.

What were you doing while the other members were performing their solos?
Changing my outfit.

What was the most moving scene you saw in this concert tour?
Seeing the fans having a good time. We see that in each of our concerts though. It's not just us giving to the fans but we're also receiving a lot from them. They pump us up. It's like we're playing energy catch ball with them. It was electrifying. Normally, I don't do dramas this time of the year. But now, I am. Doing the drama and attending concert rehearsals at the same time is new to me. Those 2 things are like polar opposites. There's not much social interaction when doing a drama. The difference is refreshing.

If you could describe your concert tour in one word, how will you describe it?
It was super fun! Especially this year, I was busy doing a drama so performing in front of the fans was rejuvenating. Because of them, I was able to return full force to the shooting the next day. (haha)

How do you feel about your upcoming dome concert?
I'm so looking forward to it. We'll be having a different venue so we also have to do some revisions on the contents of our concert. I'll start planning after I finish filming my drama (interview done on the middle of September). We have to come up with a dome version so it's like starting all over again.

What things did you get to see while you were doing your nationwide concert?
In lieu of that, I got really pumped up while we were doing this concert because we got to see fireworks! (haha) There were 2 sets actually. The first one served as a special stage effect while the second set was the normal type of fireworks. We had a very lavish concert! Last year, while doing the "5X10" concert, they launched fireworks at the Meiji Jingu Stadium. It felt like we were "borrowing" their fireworks. But this time, we launched our own.

Nothing but work, as usual. There's this game that we play at the set of our drama. It's called "Ju-Jan" where the person who loses a game of janken (rock-paper-scissors) has to buy juice for everyone. We do it once every 3 days. I haven't lost the game yet. I don't remember paying for anything. (haha) At home... I got this scented bath oil as a present for my birthday. I think the scent has a therapeutic effect. I'd try putting in different massage oils into the tub once in a while but I don't usually put in scented oils cuz I don't go out of my way just to buy stuff like that. It's just that I received one for my birthday so I figured I should give it a try. It really has a calming effect. (haha). I don't really soak that long in the tub. You don't get anything from soaking too long anyway (haha). If you want to sweat, then you'd better get your body moving. I'm not saying that soaking in the tub to sweat is wrong. What I'm saying is that it doesn't suit me. I don't have the patience to do that! (haha)

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