[Translations - Mag] Nino - Duet 2010.11

Do you have a particular set of guidelines in creating your concert opening speeches?
I just started saying "Welcome!" recently. It's the perfect word to usher in the fans who came to watch the concert. Since it's not appropriate to say "welcome" during rehearsals, I say "Thanks for the hard work!" to the staff instead (haha). The main aim of our opening greeting is to stir the crowd to riot. Each member has his own way of greeting the fans but I think variety is good.

What things do you bear in mind during your concerts?
Not to get injured. I keep that in mind especially when I'm doing dangerous stunts. But of course we're taking safety precautions for that. Every time I do dangerous stunts I remind myself not to think about different stuff like "I have to do this!!!" or "if I do this, something bad will happen" or "I'm a pro!!!". I just tell myself that getting injured will cause a lot of problems. I don't do these stunts because I like doing them either. I dread doing them. It's best not to be too daring.

How did you come up with your costumes for this concert?
Matsujun takes care of our group costumes. But I choose my own costumes for my solo performances. The theme of my outfit for this year's concert is "unity" which is also my solo song's image.

You mentioned in your previous interview that you already had a plan for the MC part of your concert. Were you able to carry it out?
What we did is classified information (haha). All I can say is that, it was a success! The goal was to make someone do something that he doesn't want to do. It went according to plan. That person really hated it. If I were in that person's place, I wouldn't have liked it either (haha). It was fun but I still don't know when we'd be able to do it again. The last MC part was amazing.

What were you doing while the other members were performing their solos?
Rest for a bit then move on to my next spot. It was more or less like that.

What was the most moving scene you saw in this concert tour?
The fans who came. The packed audience area was a very beautiful view. It made me feel grateful.

If you could describe your concert tour, how will you describe it?
"Boku no miteiru fuukei" (A beautiful spectacle)

How do you feel about your upcoming dome concert?
The nationwide concert is over but we just started with the "Scene" tour. It is endless... We're now off to different places.

What things did you get to see while you were doing your nationwide concert?
I guess it's... everyone? (grin) I saw a lot of heartwarming smiles.

Lately I've been busy with the drama "Freeter, Ie wo Kau" (The Jobless Guy Buys a House"). I'm currently doing a drama, a concert, and a movie. The drama's filming is going smoothly. Everyone's filming without complaints despite the heat. I'm filming my scenes with Ryuhei (Maruyama) bit by bit. That guy's amazing. He can probably survive anywhere so there's nothing left for me to teach him. He'd ask me to teach him how to do this and that but there's really nothing left to teach. We're all having a good time. Every time I have a scene with Takenaka Naoto-san who plays my father in the drama, we'd spend our break times talking and relaxing together. We also go out and eat. Of course, I also have "Ohoku". I'd like to thank everyone for their feedbacks... well, they were all good feedbacks. At least all that I heard personally. (haha) There are a lot of fight scenes in this movie so I hope everyone gets to find their favorite scene. (grin).

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