[Translations - Mag] Aiba - Duet 2010.11

Do you have a particular set of guidelines in creating your concert opening speeches?
I just base my greeting on what I feel at that moment. Every time I ask the audience "Are you having a good time?!", I ask them wishing that they are having a good time. I remember saying "Are you guys excited?!" and "I'm so high!". I say "I'm high" cuz I'm really feeling high! I'm at my max after 5 songs, fast isn't it?! (haha). The other members seem to have decided on a fixed greeting huh? That's the difference between type A and type AB (bloodtype) people.

What things do you bear in mind during your concerts?
I make sure to have fun, to give the fans a good time, and to be grateful. I don't really need to constantly remind myself about those things cuz those are the things that I always think of when I'm on stage. I also make sure to look at as much faces as I can. I might have waved at the audience a lot too.

How did you come up with your costumes for this concert?
I'm into Lady Gaga's eccentric style. I also try to be experimental when it comes to clothes (haha). The outfit I wore for my solo was a bit eccentric.

Please tell us something about the production set.
The set was amazing. We had fire, water, and a lot of stuff. Name it, we have it (haha). How do you call that "hanging in the air" thing? Okay, whatever it's called, that part's terrible! It was suuuper hard cuz I was supposed to mirror Matsujun's actions.

What were you doing while the other members were performing their solos?
We had no time to even catch our breath. After a performance, we had to run to our next spot. But whenever I had some extra time, I'd sit near an electric fan and cool myself down while making an "a~~~~" sound (haha).

What was the most moving scene you saw in this concert tour?
I was moved by this. It's beautiful. I feel recharged whenever I look at it.

How will you describe your most recent concert tour?
Happy. It was a happy time. I was happy to see thousands of people unite over our music.

How do you feel about your upcoming dome concert?
I hope that the fans have a good time again, and for us to have fun doing it. Everyone can bring their heartaches to the concert and leave it behind when they go home. I'm looking forward to spending time with everyone. We will have to change the contents of the concert though. Riida's turning 30 within this tour. I'm also turning 28 (haha).

What things did you get to see while you were doing your nationwide concert?
I felt so alive! We were all alive!

I got myself a pet monkey. I've always wanted one. Well actually, my brother's moving out so it'll just be our parents at home. I knew they'd say yes if I asked them to take care of a pet monkey so I did and they said yes. So yeah, it's more like THEY got themselves a pet monkey. She's cute! I was talking to the pet shop attendant and he said that it took them 3 months to look for a female squirrel monkey.

Squirrel Monkey
Photo from Google Images

When I went home 1-2 months after she was born, she was clinging to my parents all the time. We named her "Omusume" (daughter). My mom chooses weird names doesn't she? I wanted to name her "Chibita" (small and chubby) (haha). My parents brings her over to my place once in a while but she doesn't want to come to me! She's nice to the people she likes but it'd take time to woo her. They're quite different from dogs who get comfortable with people easily. Even though I want her to get used to me, I can't raise her at my place. If I did, I'd have to leave her alone cuz I also have to go to work. Plus it's hot over at my place. (haha). I do have a wooper looper at home.

Wooper Looper/Axolotl
Image from Google Images

A friend gave it to me saying that he heard me say that I wanted to have one and that's how I ended up having a wooper looper at home.(haha) I put it in a fish tank. The water temperature should be between 20-25 degrees Celsius so the poor guy has a hard time during summer. I call him "Kadokichi-kun". He doesn't need to eat much. I only feed him once every 2 days. But I have to be constantly aware of the water temperature. If the water temperature goes up I have to cool it down at once. Sometimes when the heat's too much that I even wake up from sleep, I run to the fish tank and put in ice packs to cool it down. (haha)

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