[Translations - Mag] Nino - Myojo 2010.08

5x100 Interview

1. What time did you sleep last night?

- Around 3AM

2. What time did you wake up this morning?
- 7AM

3. What was the first thing you did after waking up?
- I was in Kyoto so I spent the morning fixing the stuff I'm bringing home.

4. How long did you prepare before leaving the house?
- 10 minutes?

5. What did you have for breakfast?
- Double cheeseburger and french fries.

6. How much cash do you have on you right now?
- About 20,000 yen. (about $243)

7. What are you wearing today?
- A cap, shirt, and jeans (with a DS on one hand)

8. What's inside your bag?
- Script, clothes, stuff from Kyoto.

9. How will you describe your mood today using weather terms?
- Sunny

10. What's the last thing you bought?
- Muro Tsuyoshi-san, Abe Sadawo-san, Sakimoto Hiromi-kun and I went out for some drink yesterday. I spent some money on that.

11. What made you laugh lately?
- We're always laughing at the movie sight.

12. What made you cry lately?
- (While looking at MYOJO August issue) So... I'm the 5th "Most Wanted Boyfriend" huh?
** hahahahaha **

13. What is the most annoying thing you have experienced lately?
- None

14. The most shocking thing lately?
- We all went (together with Ohoku staff) to a karaoke bar one time... I was supposed to sing Arashi's "Snowflake" but I couldn't sing it.

15. What made your heart race lately?
- None

16. The most exciting thing that's happened to you lately?
- None

17. The most depressing thing that's happened to you lately?
- None

18. What's been bothering you lately?
- None

19. Most recent mistake
- I can't sing Arashi's song in the karaoke

20. Most recent news that caught your attention
- None.

21. Most recent addiction
- Work

22. Most recent home appliance that caught your attention
- TV. The latest trend is 3D right? I'm waiting for the time they chuck the remote control!

23. Most recent picture you took with your cellphone
- Kyoto

24. Aside from calls and e-mails, what other cellphone functions do you usually use?
- Internet

25. What cellphone strap do you have on your phone?
- The "Kinashi Cycle" phone strap given to me by Noritake-san (Tunnels).

26. How many messages do you send & receive in a day?
- 2000 messages

27. The thing that you want most
- I won't tell you! (haha)

28. The person you want to meet the most
- Someone who had a top-knot recently.

29. Place where you want to go the most
- My house

30. What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word "summer"?
- Hot

31. Do you love summer?
- I don't hate it but I don't love it either.

32. Beach person? Pool person?
- Pool person

33. Favorite treat during the summer?
- Shaved ice

34. What's your favorite shaved ice flavor?
- Anything will do

35. Are you the type who finishes his summer homework right away?
- Yes

36. What was your favorite game when you were still a kid?
- Cat's cradle (ayatori)
** the game's done by forming shapes with a loop of string and passing it to another player.
Now I see how Nino fell in love with magic. He's good with his hands, I suppose.**

37. If you were to do a part-time job, what would it be?
- Convenience store.

38. If you had super powers, what would it be?
- Toushi
**I don't know if he means:
1. the ability to read minds
2. x-ray vision (naughty)

39. What do they call you at home?
- It depends... Sometimes they call me "hey"... sometimes they call me "for a while"...
** nyahahahha **

40. What type of women do you like?
- Those who read Myojo.
** After being number 5 in the most wanted boyfriend ranking, of course! haha **

41. Do you want to meet up with your girlfriend everyday?
- I do.

42. Do you want to hear from her everyday?
- I do.

43. Text or call?
- Text.

44. Do you prefer to go out or just stay home with your girlfriend?
- 100%... just stay at home.

45. If your date's going to be late, what will you do?
- I'll also be late.

46. Do you change when you're in love?
- Yes.

47. What's the most important thing when it comes to romance?
- Passion

48. What will you do for the person you like?
- Whatever she wants.

49. Do you care about the past relationships of the person you like?
- No. The important thing is she's already with me.

50. Have you had your heart broken?
- No. I don't know what "heartbroken" word means.

51. What conditions do you have for a future wife?
- She should want to marry me.

52. What will you say to propose to the girl you love?
- I love you.

53. How many kids do you want to have?
- As many as possible. I want to put up my own talent agency in the future.
** hahaha. And he's going to sell his own sons and daughters?! **

54. What name will you give your children?
- Kinjiro. No one will ever make fun of the name "Ninomiya Kinjiro"... If it's a girl, I'll still name her Kinjiro.
** hahahah... I don't know if Kinjiro can also be used as a girl's name but it doesn't sound right **

55. What defines a man?
- Cool clothes.

56. What defines a woman?
- Cute clothes.

57. Disregarding gender, what kind of person do you want to be friends with?
- Someone who knows how to respect others

58. Disregarding gender, what kind of person do you not want to be friends with?
- Someone who talks nonsense.

59. If you could trade places with another member of Arashi, who would it be?
- I'm fine with myself.

60. What do you do when your friends ask you to sing Arashi songs in the karaoke?
- I'll sing it. It's just "Snowflake" that I can't sing.

61. Ohno's amazing for...
- how he works

62. Sakurai's amazing for...
- his versatility

63. Aiba's amazing for...
- his stageplays.

64. Jun's amazing for...
- the way he thinks up stuff for our concerts and other things

65. Nino's amazing for...
- taking 2 days to take off?

66. How will you describe Japan to foreigners?
- There's no place like Japan.

67. Favorite word
- "Ni jikan maki"
** 2-hour roll **

68. It makes you happy when you hear it.
- "Filming is suspended!"
** Yeah! Sounds the same as "Classes are suspended!" or "There's no work today!" **

69. Favorite color
- Blue

70. Why?
- I just like it.
** Ohmiya fangrils: Do you really need to ask why? ;P **

71. Favorite season
- Spring and fall.

72. Why?
- It's comfortable during those seasons
** I guess cuz it's not too cold or not too hot **

73. Favorite scent
- Whatever

74. Favorite sound
- Silence.

75. Favorite bento side dish
- Hamburger

76. Phrase you say often
- I don't know.

77. Collection
- None

78. Most precious item
- The autograph of Nintendo's Miyamoto Shigeru-san.
** Miyamoto Shigeru - Japanese game designer and producer **

79. Weakness
- Having no weaknesses is my weakness.

80. First thing you look at when you meet someone for the first time
- Hands

81. Who has the greatest influence on you?
- All game designers

82. What house rules do you have at home?
- We don't have any.

83. Favorite animal
- Frog

84. What's your greatest weapon?
- The fact that I'm alive.

85. What do people think of you?
- Kind and meek

86. What would you do if you were Prime Minister?
- I'll make life easy for myself

87. What does being an "adult" mean?
- Respecting the law

88. When will/did you consider yourself as an adult?
- I'm not yet an adult.

89. What does "Arashi" mean to you?
- Where I belong
** aaaaawww... how sweet! **

90. Where do you usually stay when you're at home?
- Right side.
** Found his answer funny. I don't know if he was trying to be funny or I didn't understand what he was trying to say **

91. At home, do you walk barefoot, wearing socks, or wearing slippers?
- It depends

92. What do you do when you're depressed?
- Nothing.

93. What will you do when you get home?
- Press the washing machine's buttons.

94. What can't you live without?
- Down jacket

95. What's missing in your life right now?
- Down jacket

96. What do you wear when you sleep?
- Pants and down jacket.

97. If you only had 3 days left before the end of the world, what will you do?
- Nothing.

98. What will you say to your 10-years-after self?
- Do your best!

99. What's your dream?
- Become a company president.

100. Your last words please.
- Our album "Arashi's Best Hits" is already out (Talking about the album they released last year)! It's packed with a lot of stuff about Arashi's 10 years in the business.

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99. What's your dream?
- Become a company president.

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