[Translations - Mag] Ohno - Duet 2010.11

Do you have a particular set of guidelines in creating your concert opening speeches?
I just say "Ha--i!". Nino says "Welcome!". Looks like we've come up with our own fixed greetings. But I also say whatever's on my mind at that moment.

What things do you bear in mind during your concerts?
I always make sure to look at children's faces. I fished a lot of uchiwas in this year's nationwide concert. There's more this year. As soon as I'd see one, I'd reel it in... then I'd fish for another one. They said that I should fish for uchiwas during the ballade part too but even if they didn't tell me to do so, I automatically tried to reel them in (haha). The uchiwas looked like fishes jumping out of the water (haha). And I was really surprised to see some people crying.

Tell us something about your dance choreography.
I only choreographed my solo song. It's a pretty challenging song to choreograph though. How should I say this? I guess I wanted to focus more on singing than dancing. The Juniors will be the ones dancing. That's how it should be done for this song. We tried changing the arrangement but the one in the album is closer to what I really wanted.

How did you come up with your costumes for this concert?
Since I'm "switched on" during our performances, the words "SWITCH ON" is written on the back of my costume. I'm shouting out that I'm "SWITCHED ON RIGHT NOW!". I slowed down a bit but I turned the switch on again during the encore when we sang "Love Rainbow"... with feelings (haha). The fancy design on the shoulders of my costume was originally huge. It was extremely big. I had to ask someone to trim it down (haha). That's about it.

What were you doing while the other members were performing their solos?
Prepare for the next performance. But I still had the time to watch the last half of Matsujun's solo and the whole of Aiba-chan's solo number. They looked great. I just can't help but smile while watching them. (haha)

What was the most moving scene you saw in this concert?
During our "Gift" performance, I was in absolute awe while looking at the penlights glowing beautifully in the dark. The green lights glimmered and diffused slowly through the audience area. I was really moved.

How will you describe your most recent concert?
It was a fleeting moment. I always feel something new every time we hold our concerts. This time, I felt a stronger sense of attachment with our audience.

How do you feel about your upcoming dome concert?
We have fewer activities this year between the nationwide concert and the Osaka Dome concert compared to last year but I think it's better this way. The interval's just right for the audience to enjoy the following concert. Plus this year, we're going to perform our songs from Arashi's newest album. All the more reason for the audience to enjoy watching it.

What things did you get to see while you were doing your nationwide concert?
The audience (haha). Different kinds of people came. I even saw men in the audience! The audience area was so colorful. There were kids and there were grandpas in the audience! I also saw some people wearing the "Kaibutsu-kun" cap. (haha)

I went to fish at Chiba sea a few days ago. I started at 6 in the morning and went off board at 8 in the evening so that's a total of 14 hours of fishing! I go fishing a lot. That day, time went by slowly during the morning but it went by in a flash after noon time. The sea breeze felt so good. I didn't notice the time. Even though I put on a strong sunblock... I still got burnt. But I found out that... if I don't put on sunblock, I get an uneven tan. If I do put on sunblock, I get tanned evenly. But the bottom line is that I always end up getting darker. (haha). I slathered sunblock all over my body before I went on board but Shige didn't. After half a day of fishing, he looked like a boiled octopus. He was so red! I was worried so I asked him if he was feeling okay. Instead of getting darker, he became red all over! I saw him in "Waratte Ii Tomo" after a few days after and his skin was back to normal! He gets burnt but he doesn't get darker. Speaking of which, Shige came to our concert. I also saw Chinen-kun. We talked for a while in the dressing room. I noticed that his back grew a little broader. That guy's all grown up. I also received a photo of a scenic view from Machida-kun (Shingo). It's a picture he took in Okinawa. Looking at it makes me want to go there too... Once we're there, if I ever have some free time, I'd definitely go to the beach! Sounds fun! It won't be long til the next time we see each other so please stay tuned for the story about what happens in Okinawa.

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