[Translations - Mag] Sho - Duet 2010.11

Do you have a particular set of guidelines in creating your concert opening speeches?
First, I greet the audience at the upper seating area and then I greet the audience near the stage. After that, I greet everyone in the stadium to create a stronger sense of unity. I also have to properly time my greeting because after that, we have to go back to where we left off in our song. I'm the last one to greet the audience. This is how I've done it for the past 3-4 years. I think I got used to doing it that way because it's what I always do in our dome concerts. Speaking of opening greetings, I think Aiba-kun left quite an impression with his greeting. Was it on our second day? He said something like "I'm so hyped!" just after we started the concert. (haha). On our 3rd day, his opening greeting was "I'm so high!". What are we supposed to do about an opening like that? (haha)

What things do you bear in mind during your concerts?
I haven't done this yet but I wanted to do a collaboration with the audience like rapping together. Instead of instructing them on what to do, I'd rather make the timing easy to follow. The thing is that the venue is quite vast so I think the only way that I can stir up the audience is to face the camera and use that to stir the whole arena up.

How did you come up with your costumes for this concert?
I often wear sleeveless outfits. When we're not wearing a uniform costume, I end up wearing sleevless tops most of the time. I'm not requesting for it though. But it also has its perks like ease of movement. It was also perfect for summer but I would probably have to wear sleeved shirts for our dome concerts (haha). This year, we had messages written using rhinestones on the back of our costumes. Mine said "Rock the World!". I've been using the phrase since I first became the main caster for the Volleyball World Cup and I figured, why not use it now? In no way did I imagine that someone would wear something that said "I love Chiba!". And that someone would make peanut shaped exclamation points! (haha). I was so surprised to see them. I had no idea until I saw them during our rehearsals.

What were you doing while the other members were performing their solos?We only had time to change and prepare for the next performance. If I had some free time, I'd sit and rest for a while.

Were you able to carry out your plans for the concert?
I really wanted to do a portion of "Summer Splash!" with the audience. It's the part Aiba-kun and I did for the recording. Unfortunately, the audience's reaction wasn't so good. (haha)
** I think he's talking about the part where the crowd shouts "Oh yeah!"in the album version..**

What did you say after your last performance?
"Adios amigo!". Actually, Nino said "Baibee!" first but the audience didn't seem to like it so he was like "If you don't like "baibee!", what would you like to hear then?". Then I said "Adios amigo!" (haha). Nino and I often use this phrase. Speaking of Nino, that guy made me do something that I'd never do! But my costume was perfect for it. It was terrible!!! It was a disaster! I can't think of another word to call it!

What was the most moving scene you saw in this concert?
I was blown away the moment we went on stage. It looks completely different from how it looks during rehearsals. Every year, we always see that wonderful spectacle. But we only get the chance to see such a scene when we do our nationwide concerts. The view was so inspiring. This year, they didn't set up audience seating beneath the Olympic Cauldron but the cauldron completed the loop. It was all the more beautiful when the audience turned their penlights on. I'm quite thankful that we had the ballad part.

How will you describe your most recent concert tour?
It was "WARM". We didn't really feel the intense heat during our rehearsals because we were practising in one of the rooms in the basement, not under the heat of the blazing sun. It was much cooler during the actual performance because we went on stage late in the afternoon. It was literally warm during the rehearsals and figuratively warm due to our excitement. Last year and last last year's concerts were also warm in different ways. This year, after the sun set, the breeze felt so good.

What things did you get to see while you were doing your nationwide concert?
When I heard men's and children's voices in the audience, I realized that the audience have evolved and they now include men and children. There were more of them than I expected.

We're about to start with the filming of "Kamisama no Karute" (God's Clinical Records). Yesterday I went to Nagano Prefecture to meet up with Doctor Natsukawa Sousuke. We talked for 2 hours about a lot of things. When I got home, I had a meeting with the director. We discussed about my... hair... for an hour. It's as if after we come up with the proper hairstyle for this movie, we'll already start with the filming. I have to be on filming mode once again. I even underwent medical training for the movie. They showed me around the hospital for half a day. I went to see real patients, then I went to the out-patient area, and I had the chance to witness real first-aid procedures. I had quite a lot of warming up for the role. The medical instructor gave me his own stethoscope and I'm going to use it in the movie. So it means that I'll be paying Nagano a visit quite often.

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